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ROVAB - Ramby Oljor & Verktyg AB

ROVAB - Ramby Oljor & Verktyg AB

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ROVAB is one of the Scandinavia's leading specialists in tribology. By providing the best component-protection on the market, our customers lower their maintenance costs, optimize their operating-economy and maximize the lifespan of components.


  • Graco lubrication system

    Graco strives for continuous improvement and excellence. They are the foundation of our quality efforts. They ensure that our products are reliable and meet our worldwide customers’ specific production needs.

    We place a high premium on quality customer service, and we continuously improve our design and launch standards while focusing on effective communications with our customers.

    We also have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) based on customer focus, which describes processes that lead to the high quality products and customer service that Graco is known for.

  • Matrix Grease

    LONG LIFE - reduced relubrication frequency.
    • WATER RESISTANT - does not deteriorate when water (including treated water) enters the body of the grease.
    • WIDE SPEED RANGE - recommended for use in electric motor bearings as well as slow moving bearings and bushings.

  • Memolub

    Memolub: Automatic Lubricators → he MEMOLUB® is a reusable, electro-mechanical lubricator that can be used as a Single-point lubricator or with a progressive divider block to create a Multi-point System lubricating from 2 to 8 lube points. With a lubricant output pressure of 350psi, over 50 output settings, and a variety of sizes and power options, the MEMOLUB® gives you the ability to precisely manage the amount of lubricant being applied to your applications. This ability helps give you control over the ever increasing cost of lubricants in today's market.

  • Triple R

    Triple R oil cleaners were the first to allow ‘total cleaning’ of industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity by removing everything from solid Particles to Water to Sludge and Oil Oxidation Residues.
    Over the last 40 years we have continued to invest significantly in R&D, developing a wide range of new solutions to augment our initial oil cleaning systems and achieve unmatched OIL FILTRATION EXCELLENCE.
    With a qualified team of customer service representatives and engineers we have a solution for every lubrication and oil related application. From bypass and off-line oil cleaning systems, to mobile rigs, water separators, oil separators, to centrifuges, purifiers and air bubble removers.

  • Air Sentry Breather

    Air Sentry® Contamination Control Breathers replace existing breather caps or air vents on fluid holding tanks, reservoirs and gearboxes. Most older style air venting methods provide minimal if any contamination control. Air Sentry® breathers provide the first line of defense in contamination control methodology utilizing patented designs and featuring color indicating silica gel and self cleaning.

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