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Cubiks Sweden AB

Cubiks Sweden AB

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Cubiks is an award-winning international assessment and development consultancy. We design and deliver robust products and services for the assessment and development of human capital.

Combining business psychology services with an advanced portfolio of online products, we help more than 1,000 clients in over 50 countries gain the insight to make informed selection and development decisions. Working closely with our clients, we assist them with streamlining their HR processes, enabling them to increase efficiency and nurture smarter, more effective workforces.

We offer a range of off the shelf products, as well as those custom designed specifically for a situation. As every organisation has different objectives and budgets; our consultants work alongside clients to recommend the product, service or combined solution best suited to their needs.

With offices throughout Europe, regional offices in the UAE, Malaysia and the USA and an international network of delivery partners, we offer culturally sensitive, competency-driven business psychology solutions in over 30 languages. This means that wherever you operate in the world, you can be certain Cubiks has the local knowledge to ensure a consistent approach and high standards throughout your organisation.


  • Cubiks 360

    Cubiks 360 is a highly flexible online feedback tool that provides employers with a framework for identifying the strengths and development needs of their employees.

    Available in 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree formats; Cubiks 360 combines multiple perspectives on an individual’s performance to provide them with a balanced overview of their strong points and their areas for improvement.

    With Cubiks 360 you can:

    - Facilitate candid discussions about work behaviours and stimulate honest feedback
    - Inspire employee self-awareness and learning
    - Encourage goal setting and skill development
    - Enable staff to view their behaviour from the perspectives of others
    - Promote an open culture and maintain your company’s values

    Cubiks 360 Matrix
    In the past, 360 processes have been perceived as requiring significant time investment. When reviewers find them time consuming or repetitive, this can affect the quality of their input. Our innovative ‘Cubiks 360 Matrix’ functionality solves this problem. By allowing individuals to complete multiple reviews in a single sitting, it dramatically reduces time spent filling in questionnaires.

    Cubiks 360 is available in two formats
    360-S (Scale) adopts a conventional scale approach, allowing reviewers to rate an individual against the most relevant competencies. Reviewees can see how they have been scored on each competency and how each different reviewer group has rated them.

    360-I (Ipsative) uses an innovative format that ‘forces’ people to indicate which competencies are considered strengths and which ones are perceived as development areas. As a result, reviewees are presented with a ranking of highest to lowest evaluated competencies, helping them clearly identify their strengths and development priorities.

  • Logiks

    The Logiks series are online item banked tests that rigorously assess an individual’s ability to solve verbal, numerical and abstract problems. Via targeted online tests, Logiks evaluates the cognitive ability of the participant, providing you with crucial insight for sifting and selection decisions.

    - Rely on the item bank behind Logiks to reduce the risk of candidates knowing the content.
    - Deploy an unsupervised test early in the selection process to save time and resources.
    - Easily send invitations, monitor responses and create reports with Cubiks Online, our secure online administration platform.
    - Generate practical reports that detail participants’ speed, accuracy and overall score.
    - Benefit from expert guidance and support from our team of psychologists and in-house IT specialists.

    Logiks General
    Logiks General is a quick online test that accurately measures an individual’s general cognitive ability. Based on a substantial item bank, this 12 minute assessment measures a participant’s ability to solve verbal, numerical and abstract problems.

    To allow participants to demonstrate their full ability, the questions increase in difficulty over the course of the test. This makes Logiks General suitable for use with candidates at all levels.

    Logiks Advanced
    The Logiks Advanced tests are specifically developed for participants at managerial and graduate level, exploring their ability to read, interpret and apply information. Available in two versions; Numerical and Verbal, the Logiks Advanced tests comprehensively assess an individual’s cognitive ability in just 25 minutes. In order to better identify top performers each section increases in difficulty over the course of the assessment.

  • PAPI 3

    PAPI 3 (Personality and Preference Inventory) is a leading work related personality assessment used by HR professionals and line managers to evaluate the behaviour and preferred work styles of individuals operating at all levels.

    Through an interactive online questionnaire, PAPI 3 delves into the drivers and working styles of participants, providing targeted, in-depth information about their preferences and typical behaviour at work. Armed with this knowledge, employers can work more efficiently; using PAPI 3’s instant, concise reports to expedite recruitment decisions and easily conduct structured development conversations.

    Sales & Leadership specific versions offer powerful analysis, incorporating additional scales crucial to working in these areas, as well as reports focused on the characteristics essential for success in such roles.

    Ingrained cultural adaptability makes PAPI 3 the perfect tool for multinational organisations. The questionnaire was created from the ground up, with international input from the very start to make it relevant and culturally sensitive in addition to its multiple language availability.

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