Packaging Innovations 2016 - Fischauktionshalle, 23 - 24 June 2016

The event for packaging design, solutions, POS and branding

Exhibitor testimonials PACKAGING INNOVATIONS 2015

Volker Muche, Partner, pacproject GmbH: «In addition to the visitors with technical background, here you meet more and more people from the areas of purchasing, sales and marketing. The mixture is interesting; this show fully lives up to our expectations. In the run-up to the show, we also took advantage of the opportunities to invite prospective customers directly to our stand. My impression is that«Packaging Innovations» has grown significantly in stature, compared to previous years. That applies both to the number and the 'quality' of exhibitors and visitors alike. The visitors partly come prepared with very detailed ideas about packaging, so that you can immediately start talking. Packaging Innovations continues to grow into a very pleasant institution in Hamburg.»

Thorsten Bode, Manager New Business, Indeed Innovation GmbH: «We're pleased with «Packaging Innovations» 2015. We had plenty of traffic to our stand and thoroughly excellent discussions. And with all our contacts, the subject of conversation was always a real project. There were also prospects who told us they had come to the show expressly to meet with us. Of course, that pleased us no end! In general, we find that innovative developments in packaging are always en vogue. For Indeed Innovation GmbH, our consultancy is not just about styling but rather to help companies to find new answers and better solutions to their challenges. For example, to strengthen customer loyalty and distinguish oneself from the competition in saturated markets.»

Dieter Hauser, Inhaber HS Design: «This is the third time I've been here – basically ever since there was a Design Avenue at «Packaging Innovations». We have really excellent contacts here, very interesting requests and lots of things to follow up on after the show, meaning: I'm utterly satisfied. The variety of exhibitors makes this show so interesting.»

Jürgen May, Gebietsverkaufsleiter Nord, Winter & Company: «My takeaway from «Packaging Innovations» is all-around positive, with many interesting discussions and a few concrete requests. 2015 was better than 2014, and there was more going on. Based on that, we'll be glad to come back next year, and we're already looking forward to the lovely new location at the Hamburger Fischauktionshalle.»

Gerlinde Gruber, Packaging Design: «I really enjoy Hamburg. At «Packaging Innovations», the atmosphere was very pleasant, friendly and the inquiries were entirely professional. It's a good place to sound out how the market will react to new design ideas, like our corrugated paper picnic bag for the designer cutting board 'Roughcutboard.»

Christophe Tollet, Sinrejac, Paris: «We are quite satisfied and have come away with a very good impression of Packaging Innovations. There were a lot of big names represented here. In our opinion, it’s important to have a premium trade show in central Switzerland for extra-high-value products and packaging. That's something that was previously lacking. Sure, there are shows like Basel World, but that’s not the right venue for real packaging specialists.»

Moritz Brodmann, Packaging Design und Marketing, Stand Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart: «Our first impression of «Packaging Innovations» Zürich is excellent. We've gotten quite a lot of positive feedback. Everyone has been really enthusiastic about our project and our products. Especially for this show we produced some giveaways – purses for the ladies and business card holders for the gents – all made of cardboard finished with designs ranging from elegant to outré. We wanted to show what's possible with finishing techniques, what production steps are necessary and how much it costs. Because everyone likes a nice finish, but very few people know all the details behind it.»