Packaging Innovations 2016 - Fischauktionshalle, 23 - 24 June 2016

The event for packaging design, solutions, POS and branding

Hertel GmbHl & Co.

Hertel GmbHl & Co.

Stand B 1

Contact details

95448 Bayreuth

Hertel & Co. GmbH is a producer of high-quality packaging made of cardboard, paper and plastics. The product range offered is very diversified: Rigid-boxes, clamshell-boxes, shoulder boxes, hinged-lid boxes, slipcases, folding boxes, Displays, transparent boxes, vacuum formed inserts, games, ...


  • Rigid shoulder box + folding boxes

  • Hinged-lid box + cardboard insert

  • Clamshell box

  • Counter display

  • Complete Game

  • Hinged-lid box + Sleeve

  • Rigid-box + Sleeve

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