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Aptar Food + Beverage

Aptar Food + Beverage

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Aptar Food + Beverage is part of the AptarGroup family of companies, along with Aptar Beauty + Home and Aptar Pharma. We create innovative dispensing systems for food and beverage marketers. With a wide range of dispensing solutions and broad geographic presence, we help our customers stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of consumers around the globe.



    Developing more environmentally friendly products has become a key driver in the food industry. As we help our customers to stay ahead of the ever-changing demands from consumers around the globe, we have combined the light weighting of our products with additional functional benefits.

    The Dolce closure weighs significantly less than the first generation. Our SimpliSqueeze® valve inside provides consumers with an easy and clean dispense.
    The visible double tamper evidence system assures entire product security.

    Dolce is perfect for sauces & condiments and spreads, jellies & honey.

  • Samba - New 52mm stock closure from Aptar Food

    Aptar Food + Beverage adds new 38mm 3-start neck to its standard snap top closure line

    Aptar is introducing a new 52mm Flip Top closure to its standard range – Samba. The 38mm 3-start neck completes Aptar’s Flip Top product portfolio in Europe.

    Ketchup, mayo and any other sauces or condiments are the perfect application for the new Samba cap. The built-in drainholes make the closure suitable for your hot-filling needs and the convenient flip lid makes the closure easy to open for all ages!

    The new Samba closure is also available with the SimpliSqueeze® silicone valve, which ensures superior flow control and product cut-off. This pairing is the key to leak-free, no-mess dispensing that has flipped the packaging world upside down!

  • Tab Top – taking dispensing to a new level

    Aptar redesigned its successful 33-400 mm Tab Top closure.

    The unique shape of the flip top closure guarantees shelf differentiation. Furthermore, the newly designed finger recess will make the opening easier and more intuitive.

    A directional spout with a 6 mm orifice size keeps dispensing convenient. Aptar Food also reduced the weight of the closure, which guarantees less material consumption and supports “greener product” initiatives.

    The Tab Top closure is perfect for sauces, condiments and spreads.

  • Royal Snap Top 38-400

    Aptar Food + Beverage’s new and innovative snap top dispensing closure provides our customers with the capability to achieve shelf differentiation while bringing ultimate convenience and clean dispensing to consumers.

    True to Aptar´s tag-line, “Delivering solutions, shaping the future”, Aptar Food + Beverage’s Royal Snap Top is an innovative closure with a state of the art design for sauces, condiments, toppings and spreads.

    With Aptar Food + Beverage’s creative and innovative design, the Royal Snap Top helps with differentiation on shelf versus competitive closures in the market. This design is available in a bi-injected format enabling customers to truly stand out on store shelves around the world.

    With Aptar’s industry leading SimpliSqueeze® valve inside the closure, the 54mm Royal Snap Top delivers a convenient, clean dispense that consumers prefer. The closure’s spout brings greater directionality when dispensing.

    Due to the wide, soft oval finger recess, the Royal Snap Top can be easily opened and closed which makes it convenient for all age groups.

    Lastly, the large diameter and concave lid provide excellent inverted stability allowing consumers to store the bottle upside down so product is at the ready for a fast and easy dispense.

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