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31024 Ormelle (Treviso)

Vetroelite is an Italian company that produces special glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage, personal care and cosmetic markets. The company has a catalogue with a full range of products and thanks to its efficient technical department, can produce packaging that exceeds costumer requirements, with a vast selection of beautiful, high-quality bottles in stock and ready to ship throughout the world.


Product news


    “Nature does not pursue a peculiar purpose but an universal design”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Bottle NATURA’s aim is to serve a big portion of products, starting with Premium Spirits, going through olive oils and refined vinegars, to end with products for perfumery.

    In other words, bottle NATURA has an universal vocation, therefore it is multi-market and multi-purpose!

    Its design, at the same time clean and finely tooled, is characterised by the innovative and harmonious shape of the shoulder: attention to detail and extreme care, from concept to industrial production.

    As for the rest, NATURA mirrors a parsimony of means: “Less is more”. Its emotional impact is greatly positive compared to its low environmental impact.

    The universal vocation of NATURA, offers a field of infinite possibilities, its simple and contemporary style, are suitable for traditional products as well as for new concepts. A parsimony of means and low environmental impact for an extra white color and a bright surface. The bottle is available with cork mouth finish and also with screw finish for GPI closures.

    The peculiar shoulder gives the model its peculiarity and its modern appeal while the cylindrical part of the body offers a clear labelling space and great technical advantages like stability and easy use on the filling line.

    Big panels granting a nice surface of expression, for operations of direct decoration as screen printing, cold screening and coating. The Orientation mark on all capacities, easing all operations of decoration or the centering between mold joints.

    The thick glass bottom gives the bottle its “Premium” character, without recklessly increasing the
    glass’ weight.

    Immediately available in differents capacities: 500 ml, 700 ml and 750 ml, yet the line will evolve rapidly following the market’s needs to offer a complete range.



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