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Product news

  • Excellent Results from the Production of the Real Life Samples

    The sample folding cartons created in the framework of the Real Life Sample project exceed all expectations. The visitors to the first Packaging Inspiration Forum and the participating companies are highly satisfied with the results of production in Weiden.
    The aim of the project is to demonstrate the interplay of design, form and finishing on the basis of a realistic example, produced by means of highly flexible and economical inline production involving various printing and finishing technologies.
    The samples were produced on a Gallus ICS 670 in Weiden on 9 April.
    Efficient inline production
    "Inline production gives you incredible dependability when it comes to technical realisation: the finished blank is ready after die-cutting and can be tested in accordance with the requirements – by the tape test, for example," says Dieter Widmann, Production Manager at Gallus.
    Form, design and finishing
    "The designs complement the very striking, curved shape of the carton," explains Alexander Dort, one of the creative minds behind the samples. "When selecting the finishings, we used this form to demonstrate just what really can be done inline."
    "In addition to which, the form gives the carton great stability, which makes it possible to use lighter grammages – a contribution to profit and sustainability," says a happy Philipp Eissner from AR Carton, who developed the 3D design.

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  • See & feel: folding cartons with high-end finishing from the PrintCity Alliance address the senses

    The PrintCity Alliance is presenting its latest packagings with high-end finishing, which were this time created as examples for the "Luxury Drinks" market segment. Following the "Sweets" samples, this is now the second series of the Real Life Sample Project, making it possible to experience the harmonious interplay of design, shape and finishing.

    This series focuses on effects you can feel:
    Leather-like textures, combined with real-looking buttons made of metal, together with glossy logos and visuals that are brought to life by the perfect interplay between of different substrates and finishings.

    Multisensory communication
    Studies show that recall values at the Point of Sale are dramatically increased by addressing multiple senses. Effects of this kind for realistic simulations can specifically be achieved by intelligently combining different methods and technologies.

    Substrates and materials accurately matched to the processes
    The samples were produced in Weiden, using a GALLUS ICS 670 inline production system. The processes used for the purpose included gravure and flexo printing with various coatings and pigments, as well as laminating films, rotary debossing, hot foil stamping and embossing.
    Choosing and matching the substrates and materials used is of essential importance, especially in the case of inline production of this kind. So, only high-quality embossing dies from Hinderer+Mühlich and cutting dies from Marbach were used, since they guarantee consistently high quality, even over very long runs.

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