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Simson Power Tools manufactures and sells hydraulic power tools characterised by their high quality, security, flexibility and high performance. In combination with fast and personal service, we can offer a number of premium products!

The colour of our tools has become a symbol of quality and reliability among professionals. It has also become associated with the raw power and broad range of applications which is characteristics of all of Simson/'s jacks, tools and accessories.



    Weightlifter of Olympic calibre
    The Simson Compact is a hydraulic powerpack that combines a number of unique properties. Low weight, compact dimensions and high capacity characterize all of our jacks. Quality and reliability are two further key attributes that have made the Simson widely known as an appliance at the pinnacle of Olympic calibre.

    Pocket-size 15-tonner
    It weighs a mere 3.7 kg and is our smallest jack. But it can still lift a hefty 15 tonnes. So it is a hydraulic lightweight in the heavy class.
    This also applies to the whole of our range of jacks. High capacity in a neat design and with a low weight. These qualities have made the Simson Compact an appliance that's widely appreciated by repair technicians and erectors around the world.

    Safety is built into the Simson
    For safety reasons, every jack is equipped with a safety valve located on the pump side and set to trip at 825 bar.
    The Simson Compact is designed with a factor of safety of 3 against overloading, and a factor of safety of 4 against failure.

    Much more than just a lifter
    A closed hydraulic system is one of the most important Simson specialities. This enables the jack to perform perfectly in all positions. Not merely for lifting, but also for pushing or pulling in all directions. Upside down or sideways, if necessary.
    The jack is also usable under water, which makes it highly appreciated for bridge building, in ports, and especially in the offshore industry, where quality demands are extremely strict.
    The closed hydraulic system also protects the jack against corrosion, since the space above the piston is filled with oil when the piston is pressed down to the bottom of its stroke.

    Simson is built for the hard life
    Meticulously selected materials are one of the secrets behind the exceptional reliability and dependability of the Simson. The piston, for example, is made of through-hardened ball bearing steel, and the cylinder is forged out of high-strength steel. Moreover, the bottom of the cylinder is substantially oversized to improve its ability to withstand uneven loading. It also improves its resistance to high temperatures.
    The Simson is covered as standard by a three-year guarantee against workmanship and materials defects on the piston and cylinder. This is clear evidence of the high quality standard of the jack.


    Simson Allround is available in a wide range of different executions enabeling the performance of every single industrial application such as lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, etc. The cylinders are made of highest quality materials and a quality system according to ISO 9001 guarantees the design, manufacturing, supply and after-sales service. All cylinders are designed with a safety factor of 1.5 to accomplish with the European Standards CE.

    • High strength materials.
    • Hard chromed-plated plunger in most of our models for highest resistance.
    • Hardened saddles to prevent plunger from mushrooming.
    • Plunger wiper for reducing contamination allows longer life.
    • Wear rings for long service life and high absorption of transverse forces.
    • Male and female couplings 3/8"-18 NPT.


    Simson Aluminum is available in a wide range of different executions enabeling the performance of every single industrial application such as lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, etc. The cylinders are easy to handle and made of highest quality materials and a quality system guarantees the design, manufacturing, supply and after-sales service.

    High strength materials - up to 60% lighter than comparable steel cylinders
    Corrosion resistant, sea water resistant.
    Standard models from 30 to 150 tonne.
    Steel saddle prevents mushrooming.
    Balancing/lubricating grooves.
    Large bearing surface for side load protection.
    Hard anodized coating protects against wear and corrosion.
    Stop rings.
    Rod wiper protects inner cylinder from dirt.
    Heavy duty spring for fast retraction.
    Carry handles standard on all models.
    High flow couplers, 3/8" -18 NPT.
    Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.1 safety standards.


    A jack that does the job where others fail. Its low height makes the jack especially effective in confined areas, for example, the positioning of machines, mounting of tools, and load tests.
    • Available as standard in two sizes, 10 and 22 tons.
    • Mounting bolt holes for easy fixing.
    • Designed with two parallel faces for horizontal operations.
    • Hard chrome-plated plunger with specially treated supporting area.


    lightweight high quality handpumps 700bar / 10000psi
    1. Compact lightweight aluminium design.
    2. Two speed operation. Two stage presssure build-up.
    3. Ready to use mounting with pressure gauge (MAA10006), oil- filled, pressure set.
    4. Pump lever with lock serves as handle.
    5. No need for gauge adapter.
    6. Pressure adjustment available.
    7. Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.
    8. Mounting lugs optionally available.
    9. Connection thread 3/8".


    pullers, lifting wedges, flangespreaders, straightening kits, nutsplitters

Product news

  • SIMSON Compact hydraulic bolt tensioner

    Compact hydraulic bolt tensioner with integrated hand pump - no hydraulic hoses required.


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