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Holmatro Industrial Equipment BV

Holmatro Industrial Equipment BV

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For almost half a century now, Holmatro has been developing, manufacturing, testing and supplying hydraulic tools and systems for industrial applications and providing technical assistance. Our ambition is to fi nd result-oriented solutions in which we combine together working with extreme forces and controllability, ease of use and safety. We always keep your wishes and user experiences at the forefront in this.

As a Dutch company, Holmatro is at your service worldwide. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands and the United States, a dedicated team of employees as well as an extensive dealer network, we provide innovative quality products that you can rely on. This is what we aim for and what we stand for.

Converting innovative ideas into products, that is what we are good at. It is a continuous process in which different departments cooperate closely and give their very best. In which moreover the most stringent quality standards are applied. This is why we can sincerely say that our products are unique and of a very high quality. Experience it yourself. Feel the power.


  • Step Cylinders; for the vertical movement of heavy loads

    Some industrial lifting applications require a longer cylinder stroke to lift the load to the required height. Because of the direct relationship between the stroke length and the closed height of a cylinder, this requirement is not always possible with a standard cylinder. Those situations need a special solution for safe and correct lifting; the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set.

    Step Cylinder Sets, with a capacity of 25 to 150 tons are fitted with a step plate and a plunger with a stroke length varying from 125 to 200 mm. It also has an enlarged saddle in order to protect the plunger. The cylinder moves upwards with the load which increases stability during lifting. Large objects, such as oil tanks and transformers can be lifted with the aid of Step Cylinder systems. All of this takes place without the use of a crane.

    By using Azobé beams the Step Cylinder Set is able to lift and hold heavy loads to unlimited heights. The step plate is ergonomically designed for easy positioning of the beams, which makes the tool more user-friendly. When using multiple Step Cylinder Sets, the cylinders can be connected with double couplers or T-pieces. Loads that need larger vertical movement and a larger contact surface can be moved with Holmatro’s special Step Cassette. The larger surface of the Step Cassette prevents damage of the load during the job. The Step Cassette contains.

  • Holmatro hand pumps

    The operation of your hydraulic tools is chiefly determined by the associated hand pump. You prefer to work with the best tools, so you need the best hand pump too. This is why Holmatro is introducing a new range of innovative hand pumps suitable for all industrial applications. The pumps have an ergonomic design and a robust and compact construction, are service- and maintenance-friendly and combine a low operating force with a high oil output. All this and a series of useful features make our new range of hand pumps an asset for you and your tools. Discover the new Holmatro hand pumps and feel the power!

  • Various cylinder types

    Multi purpose cylinders – spring return
    With a lifting capacity of 5 - 100 tons and a stroke length varying between 25 and 450 mm the multipurpose cylinder range is the most extensive on the market and suitable for the most varied applications. The cylinders are fitted with base mounting holes and collar thread. There is also internal plunger thread on all models to 50 tons.

    Aluminium cylinders – spring return, air return & hydraulic return
    The aluminium cylinders combine the best of two worlds; They are more than 50% lighter, but are just as robust as their steel equivalent. With a lifting capacity of 20 - 150 tons and a stroke length varying between 50 and 300 mm the cylinder range is very suitable for lifting activities requiring frequently moving the cylinder, making a low weight essential.

    Flat cylinders – spring return
    Cylinders with a very low construction height and a lifting capacity of 5 - 150 tons. Especially developed in case of limited insertion space.

    Short stroke cylinders – spring return
    Cylinders with a short stroke and a low construction height and a lifting capacity of 10 - 100 tons. Very suitable for general lifting activities.

    Telescopic cylinders - gravity return
    Cylinders with a very low construction height, two different capacities and stroke lengths in one cylinder. Very suitablefor various adjustment activities.

    High capacity cylinders - gravity return & hydraulic return
    Cylinders with a lifting capacity of 50 - 500 tons and a stroke length varying between 50 and 300 mm. Very suitable for heavy lifting activities.

    Locknut cylinders - gravity return
    Cylinders with mechanical load locking, a lifting capacity of 10 - 250 tons and a stroke length of 150 mm. Suitable for sustained load because of mechanical load locking.

    Construction cylinders - hydraulic return
    Cylinders especially for use in combination with extension pipes and accessories, with a lifting capacity of 10 - 25 tons and a stroke length varying between 150 and 250 mm. These cylinders can be extended using pipes. Various accessories are available. This cylinder type is also suitable for assembly into a construction.

    Hollow plunger cylinders - gravity return, spring return & hydraulic return
    Cylinders with hollow plunger for both pushing and pulling, with a capacity of 5 - 110 tons and a stroke length varying between 25 and 150 mm. Especially developed for pulling using pulling rods.

    Pulling cylinders - spring return & hydraulic return
    Cylinders with a pulling capacity of 11 - 100 tons and a stroke length of 150 mm. Especially developed for, among other things, pulling heavy objects towards each other.

  • Holmatro lifting tools

    Holmatro develops and produces different lifting tools, like:
    - Toe Cylinders
    - Vertical Lifting Wedges
    - Wedges
    - Lifting Bags
    - Chocks And Blocks
    - Mechanical Jacks
    - Mechanical Pulling Jacks
    - Rack Jacks
    - Ship Wedges

  • Holmatro hand tools

    Holmatro develops and produces different hand tools, like:
    - Puller Sets
    - Flange Spreaders
    - Nut Splitters
    - Pipe Squeezers
    - Steel Cable Cutters
    - Power Cable Cutters

  • Industrial solutions

    The world of high-pressure hydraulics is constantly in motion. In this dynamic environment Holmatro Industrial Solutions is constantly working on the development of high quality solutions in the field of high-pressure hydraulics for industrial applications. Our result-oriented solutions are regularly developed on request, but may also be of added value to you.

    Perfection is the starting point for all industrial solutions at Holmatro. You will see this reflected in quality, ease of use and safety. All our products are developed, manufactured and tested in-house. The result: traditional Dutch quality and reliability. Our products have a life span that extends for years, partly due to our comprehensive service program.

    Lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting or horizontal movement; whatever direction your project moves in, we move with you. In collaboration with our R&D, Production and Service departments, we place ourselves in your situation and participate fully in the thinking process to achieve the right solution for your usage requirements.

Product news

  • Holmatro launches 'Feel the Pressure!' campaign aimed at working safely with high pressure hydraulics.

    How well are your employees prepared for risky situations with high pressure hydraulics? What do they know about preventing dangerous situations? And do they know what to do when things go wrong? These are some of the issues that form the focus of the new Holmatro campaign ‘Feel the pressure!’ on working safely with high pressure hydraulics.

    Unprofessional use of high pressure hydraulic tools is a regular occurrence in the industry. Extensions installed by users, low pressure components connected to high pressure tools and careless use of tools forms the basis for many unnecessary risks. What initially appear to be unimportant details can have far reaching consequences when working with high pressure hydraulics. Being aware of dangerous situations and the measures that can be taken to avoid them helps engineers and technical staff to avoid occupational risks or at least reduce them to a minimum. Sufficient knowledge about high pressure hydraulics is an important requisite. In order to increase awareness about safety amongst engineers and technical staff Holmatro will start its ‘Feel the pressure!’ campaign in September 2014.

    Aided by the Holmatro Test Team risks are demonstrated and explained in an easy, recognisable way. On the campaign website you and your employees can not only find information about high pressure hydraulics, the possible dangers, and tips and tricks to reduce risks on the work floor, but also compelling clips by the Holmatro Test Team. The first film clip explains the basics of hydraulics. By using Calimero, the largest African elephant in Europe, often complex mathematical formulas about forces and weight are illustrated. The other clips deal with the possible dangers of incorrect use and damaged equipment. By showing recognisable situations the viewer gains insight into what he or she has to deal with and what he or she can do to work with high pressure hydraulics as correctly and safely as possible.

  • Holmatro's new hand pump range; Innovative marvels for every industrial application.

    The saying goes, good tools are half the work. However when it comes to hydraulic tools the choice of hand pump is just as important. This is why Holmatro is introducing a new series of innovative hand pumps suitable for all industrial applications.

    From experience we know that not all employees treat tools with equal care. That's why the new Holmatro hand pumps are very robust. They can withstand rough treatment and are not affected by rain or sand. The pumps are also very service- and maintenance-friendly. All technical parts are very accessible and modules can easily be replaced without disassembling the tank.

    The new Holmatro hand pumps offer significant advantages qua reliability, maintenance, durability and price/quality. However the extras like the oil level glass, the Push & Unlock pump handle lock, the integrated oil funnel and pressure gauge adapter on the pump block, make the new hand pumps extremely user friendly. Holmatro has set a new standard in innovation and quality with its new hand pump range for industrial use.

    All of our products are developed, produced and exhaustively tested in-house. The result: true Dutch quality and robustness. Moreover, our products have an extremely long life span that can also be extended with an extensive service programme.

    Feel The Power!

  • Put together hydraulic cylinder systems quickly and easily with Holmatro's smart "Cylinder System Configurator"

    Technical professionals who work with hydraulic cylinders know from experience that there is enormous potential for applying this type of equipment. Expanding an existing set, or composing a new one, requires a lot of expertise from the user. This is child's play with the smart Holmatro Configurator. Thanks to the Configurator's user-friendly design, the user can put together complete cylinder systems using either new cylinders, or cylinders in his possession, regardless of the brand. Easy, fast and at any time.

    The "Cylinder System Configurator" is a smart wizard that considerably simplifies the work done by technicians. The entire range of cylinders, pumps, hoses and accessories in the arsenal of the Dutch hydraulics specialist has been included. The application is immediately updated on the introduction of a new product.

    The "Cylinder System Configurator" goes through the entire selection process in 5 steps, resulting eventually in a cylinder system tuned for a specific customer, based entirely on the wishes and requirements of the user. Various filters, including tonnage and stroke, but also oil output and pump type, help to limit options step by step. On the basis of the specifications entered, the wizard provides an overview at each step of possible components that can be used. If the user already has a cylinder, then the Configurator continues the selection process based on the specifications entered or the relevant article number. This makes non-Holmatro components easy to integrate, resulting in a complete and transparent application

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