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I-V-G Göhringer

I-V-G Göhringer

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  • Compact diagnostic module for CAN

    With the C-QT 15 IVG Göhringer presents a new diagnostic module for troubleshooting on CAN systems. It is plugged as a passive device at any position on the current CAN system. The diagnostic module detects the baud rate automatically and analyzes the CAN communication based on typical characteristics continuously. The values are displayed directly on the integrated display of the diagnostic module. For troubleshooting the user can adjust different trigger criteria: ID and content of transmitted telegrams, number of faulty telegrams and bus load. If at least one of these trigger criteria is fulfilled, the state is signaled with the integrated status LEDs and a potential-free alarm contact – for example, a warning lamp or a horn. Moreover, it is possible to evaluate the alarm contact by means of the higher-level control. The trigger criteria are adjusted comfortably by PC software.

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