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eltherm GmbH

eltherm GmbH

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eltherm GmbH is an international operating company specializing in the field of electrical heat tracing systems and belongs to the strong INDUS Holding AG. With more than 40 years of technology know-how, continuous demand for the highest quality and flexibility, this company has grown significantly since its humble beginning. The clear commitment to the production site Germany strongly emphasizes the philosophy of eltherm, which is to supply its customers with electrical heat tracing system solutions individually tailored to their requirements on the highest levels. Having its own production site for heating cables, heated hoses, heating mats and jackets, measurement and control systems and accessories, it has enhanced the engineering society in eltherm so as to become one of the leading manufacturers for electrical heat tracing systems worldwide.

The portfolio has been completed by the production of self-regulating heating cables. Due to its high-tech demand on the production of such cables eltherm has now joined the premium league of heating cable manufacturers. Only about ten heating cable manufacturers worldwide master the technology for manufacturing self-regulating heating cables, and eltherm is the only one located in Germany.

Besides frost protection and temperature maintenance up to 1000 °C, eltherm is the competent partner for complete system solutions like heating whole chemical or other industrial plants. eltherm proved its potential and expertise in different applications for industries like oil and gas, power plant building, automotive and food industries.


  • Heating cables

    Since 1991 eltherm consistently continued to extend its production of the most vital components for heat tracing systems. The generation of heat in all areas relies on electric heat tracer. In this specific field of technology eltherm specially focuses on the production of high-quality heating cables.

    All resistance heating cables are insulated by a fluoropolymer outer jacket. This guarantees high temperature resistance up to 300 °C, high flexibility, optimal chemical resistance, unlimited aging stability and highest electric strength.

    Some of eltherm’s special products are high temperature resistance heating cables and heating tapes, featuring an insulation made from glass fibre or quartz fibre which are suitable for temperature ranges up to about 800 °C. We also manufacture constant wattage heating cables with resistance wire, for non-hazardous as well as for hazardous areas applications.

    For higher temperatures up to 1,000 °C we provide mineral insulated heating cables (MI-cables).

  • Analytical Heated Hoses

    Electrical heated hoses (heated sample lines) are the ideal solution for flexible transportation of liquid or gas substances without heat loss. The necessary temperature, power, application and outer protection material determine the choice of the heated hose technique.

    Application of our Heated Hoses an Heated Sample Lines:
    Gas substances are channeled from the measurement point to the analysis instrument in the analysis technique, i.e. in trash burning ovens, refineries, chemical industry, motor exhaust analysis, etc.. For these applications the gases are to be freeze protected, protected against condensation, or guarantee for constant temperatures up to 250°C. Heated sample lines (analytic hoses) ensure the transport of liquid and gaseous media without the loss of temperature.

  • Pressure Heated Hoses

    eltherm is one of Europe‘s leading suppliers of heated hoses and flexible, heated pipes. Depending on the requirements and application, flexible heated pipes by eltherm ensure the transport of liquid and gaseous media without the loss of temperature.

  • Heating mats and jackets

    Flexible heated mats and heated jackets are the optimum type of heating with high efficiency and good heat distribution.

  • Control and Monitoring

    All electrical heat tracing systems need temperature control and monitoring. For energy-saving reasons self-regulating heating cables should also feature temperature regulation.

    We offer you a wide range of control and monitoring technology which meets the ever increasing requirements on quality, accuracy, energy saving and safety. Thus, we are not only specialist in electrical heat tracing but also in:
    - Control
    - Regulating
    - Monitoring
    - Signaling

  • Selfregulating heating cables

    The ELSR (eltherm-self-regulating) heating tape can be used for frost protection and maintaining constant temperatures on vessels, pipes, valves, etc.. Except for the connections, the heating cable may be immersed to fluids. If used in an aggressive environment (the chemical or petrochemical industry), we lag the heating cable with a special chemically resistant outer jacket (fluoropolymer).

    The matrix is the most important quality aspect for self-regulating heating cables. In order to be able to exercise the greatest possible influence on this production process, we manufacture the granulate for the matrix ourselves. As a result of this, eltherm is one of the top manufacturers of self-regulating heating cables in the world. This is also influenced by the special pre-treatment of the components and our long-time experience with these parameters. We are therefore able to guarantee constant high quality.

  • Trace heating in hazardous areas

    eltherm, as an ATEX-certified company, fulfills the increased safety standards according to the latest Ex-guidelines.Whether it is heating cables, heated hoses, heating mats and jackets, measurement and control appliances or ancillaries – for all its products eltherm has approved equivalents for heat tracing systems in hazardous locations.

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