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  • SDT270 Ultrasonic Detector

    SDT 270

    The SDT270 represents an evolution for PdM and Reliability professionals. Maintaining its position as the forerunner of innovation, SDT announces the next major step forward for ultrasonic condition based monitoring.
    When the SDT270 was released in October 2010, it represented an evolution for PdM and Reliability professionals. It was the first ultrasound data collector to feature survey driven temperature, tachometer, on-board alarms and static/dynamic measurements powered by an onboard synchronous database.
    Only two years later SDT builds on its success by adding vibration severity measurements to the SDT270. Your device combines now the 2 major technologies for mechanical inspections:
    - Ultrasound measurement, the powerful solution for real time lubrication, early stage gear and bearing damage detection,
    - Vibration measurement, the recognized solution in diagnosing generic machinery defects.
    - However, SDT270 conserves its philosophy of:
    - Maintaining simplicity for those who want it, with overall measurements (static mode)
    - While providing sophistication for those who need it, with time and frequency waveform analysis (Dynamic mode).
    Finally, by adding vibration measurement, the SDT270 is the most complete and competitive offer, covering a large panel of applications for PdM and energy savings. This is an exciting announcement for our company, our sales channel, and most importantly, our customer user base.
    Note that the SDT270 meets the requirements set by ATEX for use in the most dangerous and potentially explosive atmospheres in the world. For the first time ever ultrasound inspectors working in intrinsically safe rated zones now have access to the unique and advanced features of the SDT270.

  • SDT200

    SDT 200

    The new SDT 200, an economy class detector without compromise.
    From the moment you pick up the SDT200 and grip its robust chassis you know that SDT has not sacrificed quality for the sake of price.
    Now slip on the cushion comfort headphones and transport your senses to a world of crystal clear, high definition ultrasonic enjoyment. And suddenly you realize that the SDT200 makes "the world of ultrasonic inspection" obtainable for every budget without compromise.
    Listen beyond the noise of your plant. Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy. Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps sorting good from bad. Confidently re-lubricate motor bearings with digital accuracy. Let the SDT200 chart a course for less energy waste, more efficient processes, and a greener environment.
    - Standard internal ultrasound sensor
    - Internal laser pointer
    - Internal temperature sensor


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