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GEFA Processtechnik GmbH

GEFA Processtechnik GmbH

Stand F23

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44379 Dortmund

GEFA Processtechnik GmbH Dortmund is a special manufacturer in the range of industrial valves and fittings, filtration technology as well as measuring and control technology.


  • Butterfly Valve KG9

    Wafer type KG 9

    -Soft-seated butterfly valve
    -Centric design, for installation between flanges
    -DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10/16, ANSI 150 lbs
    -Two-piece body, self-centering, one-piece disc/stem
    -DN 50 – DN 300

  • Double Eccentric Valve HG1

    Double eccentric high performance butterfly valve for installation between flanges
    DIN EN 1092-1, PN 10 – PN 40, ANSI 150/300

    DN 50 – DN 600

    Automation system
    Exchangeable flange for direct mounting of actuators

  • Knife Gate Valve AT100

    Knife gate valve for installation between flanges acc. EN 1092-1, with self cleaning plate guidance and flash-out-corners, self adjusting COMPACT-Cross-seal towards the atmosphere, hermetically sealed in both flow-directions, two-piece body, metallic and jitter-free guided knife plate, cutting edge on the lower body surface.

    DN 50-DN 200

  • Flanged Ball Valves FG

    Two-piece stainless steel flanged ball valve
    DN 15 – DN 100 : PN 10/40

    DIN 3202 F4 / F5
    EN 558-1 line 27/15

    DIN 3202 F1
    EN 558-1 line 28

    Made of stainless steel and prepared for cost optimized automation - direct assembly of control elements and actuators due to interface in compliance with DIN 3337. The body is made of stainless steel precision casting, then externel profile is precisily formed. The sturdy screw attachment of the middle flange absorbs pipe forces safely too.

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  • ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001

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