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Brüel & Kjær Vibro

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Brüel & Kjær Vibro is the leading worldwide independent supplier of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. The comprehensive product range comprises vibration sensors (acceleration, velocity and displacement), vibration monitors, handhelds and rack-based plant-wide integrated monitoring solutions. These products plus a suite of comprehensive services fulfil the most demanding applications for safety, condition and performance monitoring of rotating machinery. Monitoring in the power industry is a strategic focus area with numerous applications in the conventional thermal, cogeneration, nuclear, hydro and wind energy sectors.

Based on more than 60 years of experience and a world-wide sales and support network, Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s monitoring solutions have successfully reduced downtime and maintenance costs and increased machine reliability for our customers world-wide.


  • Vibration Interface VI-6080 : Data integration for condition monitoring

    The Vibration Interface VI-6080 together with Compass 6000™ enables predictive maintenance for all machines. In the simplest case, if a machine is equipped with the reliable machine protection system VIBROCONTROL 6000®, the data from the VIBROCONTROL 6000® system is conveyed to Compass 6000™. All the other machines, which are equipped with machine protection systems from other manufacturers and are provided with buffered outputs (in accordance with API 670), can be easily integrated in Compass 6000™ via the Vibration Interface VI-6080. Non-critical machines that are not equipped with a machine protection system, but are important for predictive maintenance of the plant, can also be integrated by installing additional sensors and integrating their signals in Compass 6000™ via the Vibration Interface VI-6080.

  • VIBROCONTROL 6000 - More than machine protection

    The machine protection system VIBROCONTROL 6000® easily adapts to all kinds of applications and protects all types of rotating machinery. Redundant power supply makes it reliable. It integrates into your plant-wide communication system via OPC, MODBUS and proprietary protocol. VIBROCONTROL 6000® does not ask any permanent communication – once the system has been set up and knows “what its job is”, it will run reliably 24/7 without any need for interaction by maintenance staff.

    Its capabilities also include distinct diagnostic features such as rotor dynamics or rod-drop measurements. An optional software enables you to diagnose potential developing faults using Bode and Orbit plots as well as FFT spectra. Without any invest in highly sophisticated systems you have all tools on-board!

  • Compass 6000 Condition Monitoring Software

    Compass 6000™ is our flagship condition monitoring and diagnostic system for automatic trending of the health of rotating machinery. It is a modular software system that acquires vibration and process data via either Brüel & Kjær Vibro's own rack-based VIBROCONTROL 6000® or any other supplier's machine protection system using the Vibration Interface VI-6080. Compass’s monitoring information can be easily exported to a number of different systems.

    Compass 6000™ has been successfully providing integrated, plant-wide monitoring capability to a number of industries and a wide range of machines worldwide since 1993. Its innovative scalability enables it to be easily used in a number of applications, from single machines to a series of interconnected production plants with hundreds of machines. Compass 6000™ has been designed to optimize performance, uptime and reliability of our customers' machines by providing early fault detection for improved maintenance planning.

  • The Allrounders – VIBROPORT 80 & VIBROTEST 80

    VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 are the new portable measuring instruments from Brüel & Kjær Vibro for machine diagnostics, balancing and for condition monitoring. Easy to use, versatile and based on a modular design – this was our focus in developing these vibration measurement instruments. They will help you prevent damage to machinery and avoid unscheduled downtime.
    There are up to four measuring channels plus rotation speed recording. With predefined configuration of measurement tasks, rapid data capture and easy sensor setup, the measurement modules are intuitive to use.

  • Sensors & accessories - vibration acceleration sensors

    Vibration acceleration sensors for measurement of:

    - Absolute casing or bearing housing vibrations
    - High-frequency vibrations (e.g. up to 20 kHz)
    - Vibrations in gearboxes
    - Vibrations from rolling-element bearings
    - Bearing condition

  • Sensors & accessories - vibration velocity sensors

    Vibration velocity sensors for measurement of:

    - Absolute casing or bearing housing vibrations
    - Mid-range frequency vibrations (up to 2 kHz)

  • New Eddy Current Displacement Sensor Systems ds82X

    The ds820 family was developed in close cooperation with Brüel & Kjær Vibro customers and provides a valuable addition to the existing successful sensor portfolio.
    Series ds821 and series ds822 both cover the measurement ranges of 4 mm and 2 mm. Series ds821 is designed for use in standard applications, series ds822 is suitable for use in hazardous areas (ATEX). The system is designed for monitoring rotating and reciprocating machines with journal-bearings in a wide range of industrial applications. It covers vibration and reference measurement (e.g. radial shaft vibration and displacement, phase reference and speed measurement) as well as position measurement (e.g. axial shaft position, rod-drop/rod position).

  • Sensors & accessories - non-contacting displacement sensors

    Non-contacting displacement sensors for measurement of:

    - Relative shaft vibration
    - Relative shaft movement
    - Relative shaft expansion
    - Reference signals

  • VIBROCONTROL 6000 Compact monitor

    Uninterrupted and safe production and high machine uptime require a permanently installed monitoring strategy. VIBROCONTROL 6000® Compact monitor adapts easily to customer requirements for machine protection and uptime, thanks to a flexible hardware and software concept. There are over 200 powerful and price-optimized standard monitoring solution packages available for this instrument.

  • VIBROCONTROL 800 - The reliable electronic vibration switch

    Vibration damage can effectively be prevented using vibration monitors. Monitoring units can report all excessive vibrations before the danger point is reached. VIBROCONTROL 868 monitors horizontal absolute bearing vibrations. VIBROCONTROL 869 monitors vertical absolute bearing vibrations.


    Bearing/housing vibration monitoring system, consists of:

    - The electronic monitoring instrument VIBBROCONTROL 920 to determine overall vibration from the sensor signal, and uses a
    - Vibration sensor - electro-dynamic velocity type or accelerometer


    The VIBROCONTROL 1000 family is used when single-channel monitoring is sufficient to protect a machine. A typical configuration consists of 1 (2) sensors and electronic unit. The monitor is designed to convert the sensor signal into the monitored parameter, compare the measured value with limits and energise limit relays.


    VIBROCONTROL 1100 is a 2-channel instrument for measuring and monitoring of absolute bearing vibrations and rolling-element bearing condition using standard acceleration sensors. The instrument is equipped with relay contacts for triggering alarms or shutting down the machine together with analogue outputs of the monitored signal. It is mounted on-site near to the machine. Multiple instruments can be combined into one system via an RS-232 interface.


    VIBROCONTROL 1500 is the powerful and low-priced solution that enables measurement and monitoring of casing vibration, rolling-element bearing condition and temperature simultaneously at 2 bearings of your machine. The acceleration sensor AS-062/T1 integrates a temperature sensor in the housing besides the elements necessary for vibration measurement. With the mounting of the sensor all three measured variables are acquired simultaneously and expensive addtional components and wiring costs are unnecessary.

  • VDAU-6000 Condition Monitoring and Analysis System

    VDAU-6000 provides cost-effective condition monitoring and diagnostic capability for critical and balance-of-plant machines, in plant or remote. With 16 sensors and up to 12 measurements per sensor, most machine types including complicated gearboxes can be completely monitored by a single unit. Potential failure mode detection measurements (descriptors) are automatically monitored to alarm limits for early fault detection without requiring vibration analysis expertise.
    Advanced diagnostics is possible by event recording and post processing of raw time signals in the unit. Once configured, VDAU-6000 does not require a PC or server for automatic condition monitoring functions, as all measurement calculations are done on-board and all communications are direct via Modbus.
    VDAU-6000 is highly flexible and easy to configure; it can also be supported by Brüel & Kjær Vibro's international sales and support network with a wide range of services, including diagnostics, upgrades and complete turn-key solutions.

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