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HEICO Befestigungstechnik

HEICO Befestigungstechnik

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Since 1900, the HEICO Group has been providing reliable and high-quality solutions in the field of fastening technology and can thus draw on over 100 years of expertise. With more than 400 employees, the company manufactures a wide range of products which are distributed via our branches located throughout the world. Our global customer services and in-house laboratories offer a high level of technical advice as well as individual testing facilities.


  • HEICO-LOCK® Ring Lock Washers

    HEICO-LOCK® ring lock washers provide high-quality, user-friendly bolt securing for the most demanding of applications and are ideal for repeated use. The ring locking system guarantees that the two wedge lock washers are always fastened in the correct position with the wedge shaped cams on the inside and the radial teeth on the outside. This means that the bolt locking system is always easy, safe and quick to install, even for non-specialist users.

  • HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Nut

    The HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock nut provides a high-quality, user-friendly bolt securing system for the most demanding of applications and is ideal for repeated use. The captive and rotary combination of the nut and the original HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers makes securing your bolted joints more efficient, effective and easier even under the most extreme vibrations and dynamic loads.

  • HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washers

    The HEICO-LOCK® wedge locking system delivers high quality anti-vibration security for the most demanding of bolted joint applications. Even under extremes of vibration or dynamic loads, HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers provide maximum reliability. When the bolt is tightened, the external radial teeth of the HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers embed themselves in an interlocking fashion with the respective mating surface. If the securing system is subject to dynamic stress, movement is only possible between the internal washer surfaces. This results in an increase in the preload force.

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