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Ultimo Software Solutions

Ultimo Software Solutions

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Ultimo Software Solutions GmbH is an independent (and originally Dutch) company, which has been involved in the development of software for effective management of company resources and processes since 1988. We can also count ourselves amongst the market leaders in various market segments with our software products for Maintenance, Facility, IT Service, Infra Asset & Fleet Management. The success of our company can be attributed to a great deal of involvement with its clients and the market, the user-friendly nature and flexibility of software and the general quality of the organization.


  • Ultimo Maintenance Management

    Since 1988, we assist the maintenance professional with our pragmatic Ultimo maintenance management software. The prominent software supports you in many fields for the maintenance of your valuable assets.

    For each organization and every need for support we offer a suitable solution. With Ultimo Maintenance Management software, both small and large organizations take advantage of a better structure, more insight, efficiency and security. The activities can be planned more easily and the results of the activities are clear by means of dashboards and reports.

    Not only your maintenance department enjoys the advantages of Ultimo Maintenance Management software. The best results are obtained at organizations that collaborate well in the field of maintenance, production, safety/quality, finances and directorate. But all parties are availed with a tight planning, good communication and well-founded investment decisions.

  • Ultimo Fleet Management

    The practice-based Fleet Management software lightens the administrative and technical management of your vehicles and/or fleet. In addition, you get a better overview of your costs which helps you to monitor your policy.

    It is your challenge to execute your operational management economically. It has never been so important to operate at the sharpest prices. The total cost of ownership is important information for the management and maintenance of your fleet, it helps you to make important (investment) decisions.

    The Ultimo Fleet Management software disposes of a user-friendly and pragmatic software tool. Use the fleet management software to simplify your management tasks, to better gear the maintenance to the availability, to monitor the insight into performances and to increase your grip on contracts, insurances and damages.

  • Ultimo Facility Management

    The Ultimo Facility Management software allows your facility department to execute Facility Management in an efficient and customer-friendly way. By doing so, you meet (or even excel) the expectations of your internal customers.

    With the Facility Management software, you contribute to the optimal support of your service desk and you keep a grip on all the other facility and property-related processes. You will notice in the front office(s) as well as in the back office(s) that the efficiency gets a strong impulse. This offers possibilities to provides your facility management with quality injections in a well-considered and calm way.

    Your customers will notice that the services pass off in accordance with the agreements and that you are able to further improve your customer-friendliness. By using Facility Management software Self-service, your customers will be able to directly submit complaints, desires, information requests and failures and monitor their evolution.

Product news

  • Ultimo Safety Management Software

    Risks. Something you hate. Safety Management software supports you with the inventory and avoidance of risks that concern safety, quality, health and the environment. When you use Safety Management software it is easy to demonstrate that you comply with important legislation, like the SEVESO III directive. With the aid of customer panels we have realised solutions that support processes for EHS incident reports, Lockout Tagout, Management of Change, Shift handover and Work permits. Do you safeguard all these processes in a safe and orderly manner?

    If you do, then you are well on your way with Safety Management. But consider the benefits if you can also record all your facility, maintenance and service processes in one system. Ultimo software allows you to integrate these processes, thus supporting efficient and safe working. It is time to ‘Live-link your assets and facilities’. See vital signs. Take vital action.

  • Ultimo launches extensive HSE suite

    With the development of four new modules, Ultimo Software Solution optimizes enterprise asset management. Besides the management of objects, work orders, preventive maintenance, long term asset planning and the FMECA integration, it is now also possible to take advantage of the integration of asset management with HSE functionalities. The new modules are developed on demand and in close collaboration with client panels. In this way, the software corresponds perfectly to the practice.

    Incident management
    With the HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) - incident management module, you contribute to a safe working environment as well as a good work climate. This module also helps you to avoid important risks for your organization. The HSE - incident management module supports the processes of reporting, processing and evaluating HSE incidents in the field of safety, quality, health and environment with a good integration containing follow-up actions and assets when applicable.

    Management of Change
    The Management of Change module makes it possible to request modifications and to follow-up these modifications in a structured way. This is an important condition in order to meet legislations such as the Dutch BRZO legislation (decree about serious accident risks). Since the process takes place entirely digitally in Ultimo, integrated with work orders, projects and assets, it is more efficient and orderly than on paper.

    Relieve of the guard
    With the Relieve the guard module, you create a digital journal in which the communication between asset operators and other parties concerned are exchanged. Relevant information that normally stays out of the visual field of the TS, is now also available for the asset in question. This improves the management, maintenance and operation of the installations.

    Work permits
    The Work permits module supports the processes of managing and issuing work permits. This is an important part of promoting a safe working environment for many organizations. By using this module, you gain extra advantage when integrating work orders and work permits, as a result of what the work permit process passes off streamlined and efficiently.

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