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ZARGES is part of the ZARGESTUBESCA Group based in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria. Innovative technologies and growing experience of the high-quality material aluminium make ZARGES a leading company in the three major business sectors
Access - Packaging, transportation - Special constructions.

ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of the light metal material. ZARGES has the right product for every customer and can also offer individual solutions.

Our customers value ZARGES as a reliable partner and benefit from the quality, the image and above all the comprehensive service that they enjoy for many years after they have bought our branded products.


  • Z500 workplatform Seventec RC

    Foldable and space-safing transportable, ideal for outdoor use by molded steps.

    Available as single-sided stepladder, and as single-sided and doulbe-sided work platform.
    Treads 85 mm deep with holes for drainage and with profile for safe Standing.
    Large safety platform with integrated hinged connection.
    Optimal stability thanks to the fold-down locking bar on both sides.
    7-point connection between tread and stile with reinforcement in the centre of the tread.
    Luminated stripes on the stiles for better perception at bad visibility conditions.
    Smooth external stile surfaces that are comfortable to hold.
    Treads and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections.

  • Z 600 SL heavy-duty ladders

    Available as single ladders, stepladders with single-sided access or double-sided access.
    Max. load 250 kg.
    Wide aluminium alloy rungs, 60 mm deep, with non-slip ribbing.
    Black, wear-resistant anodised stiles.
    Strong ZARGES quality flanging connects rung and stile.
    Rungs and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections.
    Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile.

  • Z 600 Platform steps, mobile, with ZARGES Ergo Stop or ZARGES Auto Stop

    Mobile and convenient: Steps with ergonomic braking functions and an extra-large platform.

    Platform steps which are ready for use in no time due to the new ZARGES brake systems - now available as a standard product.
    ZARGES Ergo Stop - all four castors can be braked conveniently using the footpedal on the flight of steps.
    ZARGES Auto Stop - automatic brake on the swivel castors on the step side - the brake can be released in order to move the product by pressing a lever.
    Extra-large platform with dimensions of 1,200 x 800 mm ensures comfortable working, even with two persons.
    Stiles made from high-strength extruded aluminium sections with screw channels for flexible assembly.
    Selection of the required angle of inclination: 45° for comfortable access or 60° in confined spaces.
    Serrated aluminium tread covering as standard.Steel open grid covering also available as an option at an additional charge. Please state when placing your order.
    Guardrail: As standard equipment with double-sided handrail and peripheral platform railing.
    Complies with EN ISO 14 122.

  • ZAP assembly platform, folding

    Mobile and comfortable: folding work platform with step access and central brake.

    Swing-up steps with treads 200 mm deep for comfortable and safe ascent.
    Can be moved very quickly and comfortably, as it has four swivel castors on the access section and two fixed castors on the support section.
    Ready-for-use in no time through central brake on the access steps.
    Will pass through doorways - even when erected.
    Flexible applications due to three different platform heights with just one work platform.
    Double-sided handrail on the access steps and platform railing for maximum work safety.
    Folding frame and pivotable steps mean space-saving transport and storage.
    Large-area work platform 1,800 x 600 mm.
    Tested to BGR 173 - total permissible load 150 kg.

  • Z 600 S-PLUS mobile scaffold tower with stabilisers, single plattform width

    Modular extendable design, economical folding scaffold unit for safe standing.

    Scaffolding width: 0.68 m; scaffolding length: 1.80 m.
    Working heights can be extended from 4.55 m to max. 9.65 m with standard parts.
    Minimum space requirement during transportation and storage (folding dimension only 1,75 x 0,95m x 0,20 m).
    Scaffolding category 3 (for loads up to 200 kg/m²) according to DIN EN 1004, i.e. here 202 kg.
    Standard castors: 125 mm with journal (non-height-adjustable) and with rubber coating.

  • Z600 ZAP telescopic platform ladder

    Large standing surface 665 mm × 440 mm, with guard rail and knee bar, ensures maximum work safety and comfortable standing.
    Simple height adjustment according to the push-up ladder principle, allowing different heights to be reached with only one platform ladder.
    Complies with new European standard DIN EN 131-7.
    Can be easily pushed thanks to two wheel assemblies, even when erected.
    Very easy to erect - handrails and guard rails are automatically unfolded during erection.
    Compact dimensions when folded, therefore easy to transport and store.
    Strong ZARGES quality flanging connects rung and stile.
    Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure secure positioning without the risk of slipping.
    Can be used on steps / stairs.
    Stable according to the requirements of BGI 637 with swung-out stabilisers.

  • ZARGES K 424 XC

    The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility.
    Sturdy, mobile aluminium box in ZARGES quality, long service life, a reliable companion.
    Optimum mobility through integrated 50 mm castors and pull-out handle (Order No. 41810-41814) or second sprung drop handle on the end face (Order No. 41815).
    Extremely smooth-running due to special castors, ø 50 mm, made from polyurethane and polyamide.
    Stackability guaranteed through stacking corners made from impact-resistant plastic and integrated stacking elements in the support frame. Can also be stacked with containers in the ZARGES K470 and Eurobox series.
    High load-bearing capacity of up to 50 kg despite the low dead weight.
    Equipped as standard with removable base foam insert made from abrasion-resistant PE foam.
    Beading all round and corner beads for additional dimensional stability.
    Fitted with sturdy lid holding straps.
    ZARGES Comfort fasteners with extremely long service life, fitted with plug locks.
    A wide range of adjustable interior fittings ensure versatility.
    Optional wheel set 125 mm or off-road set 220 mm available for use in difficult terrain.
    The K 424 XC series comprises 6 models with a capacity of 28 to 195 litres.
    The K 424 XC range is rounded off by a wide selection of carefully thought-out interior fittings and numerous solutions for easier handling.

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