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HANSA-FLEX is one of the world's leading systems suppliers for all hydraulics requirements. With over 380 subsidiaries in 39 countries, we are always close to our customers. More than 280 on-call vehicles ensure speedy support at all times. We are masters of the complex field of fluid technology and offer a complete range of integrated services. Our experts can advise you in the planning and design of new systems. We carry out the engineering, manufacture all the required power packs and supply the hydraulic connection components.


  • Fluidservice

    HANSA-FLEX Fluidservice - for effective oil care

    - Onsite fluid technology consulting
    - Oil sampling by qualified professionals
    - Analysis of oil samples at the customer‘s site
    - Analysing and logging data for the customer
    - Developing and planning upcoming fluid service projects with the customer
    - Designing and installing partial flow filter systems
    - Cleaning media (fluids) with NFSA
    - Cleaning complete systems and components
    - Changing oil/Flushing components and systems
    - Optimising filter systems
    - Minimising components, preventing wear in production
    - Preventing wear in production
    - Extends the service life of oil

  • Industrial Service

    HANSA-FLEX provides a cost-effective tailored service

    - Inspection
    - Maintenance
    - Servicing
    - System optimisation
    - Reconstruction
    - Rapid hydraulics service
    - Hydraulics workshop for stationary use
    - Workshop trucks
    - Mobile service centre for large-scale fitting projects
    - Fitting teams for specific tasks
    - Co-operation partners for special fitting contracts
    - Extensive central spare parts warehouse
    - Rapid hydraulic cylinder repair and seal replacement

  • Rapid Hydraulic Service

    Rapid Hydraulic Service - Always there for you

    - 24 hour callout - 365 days a year
    - Free call
    - Mobile workshop for dismantling, preparation and installation of hydraulic hose lines
    - Complete range of equipment and spare parts on board
    - Experienced service engineers on board
    - Close co-operation with HANSA-FLEX locations - Missing spare parts are available quickly
    - Short response times
    - Euro 4 standard - Vehicles meet fine dust particle requirements

  • X-CODE and hose line management

    In conjunction with the MY.HANSA-FLEX customer portal, the X-CODE is the perfect tool for our customers to manage and organise all of their hose lines.

    - Reliable, unique and fast
    - Immediate assistance in an emergency
    - Hose line management at a glance
    - Unmistakable identification at the press of a button
    - Replacement parts with a phone call
    - Rapid delivery
    - Subsequent coding upon request
    - Preventative hose line management
    - MY.HANSA-FLEX.COM customer-specific database

  • Industrial hoses

    HANSA-FLEX industrial hoses - versatile and safe

    - Applications in the construction and food industries
    - Transporting chemicals, foodstuffs, air, water and abrasive media
    - Suction and pressure hoses
    - Central warehouse with around 1400 standard items
    - Additional items can be stocked on request
    - Comprehensive accessories
    - Wide range of connecting components
    - Proven quality - certified to DIN EN ISO 9001
    - Provision of workshop containers based on tailored partner models
    - Clear product catalogue
    - Expert advice

  • PTFE hoses

    HANSA-FLEX PTFE-Schläuche - die bessere Alternative

    - Zukunftswerkstoff PTFE
    - geruchs- und geschmacksneutral
    - nicht brennbar
    - schockresistent
    - temperaturbeständig von -60°C bis +260°C
    - für flüssige, feste und gasförmige Medien
    - FDA-Zulassung für Lebensmittel
    - antistatische Auslegung für Ex-Schutz möglich
    - Metallummantelung optional
    - Einzelanfertigungen
    - dreifache Qualitätsprüfung und Dokumentation
    - Beratung in allen Projektphasen
    - Schulung der Mitarbeiter

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair

    HANSA-FLEX cylinder center - Quality for every situation

    Cylinder center:
    - Repair of all cylinder types, from whatever manufacturer
    - Component repair or replacement
    - Honing of cylinder pipes in 50 - 500 mm diameter
    - Boring, cylindrical surface grinding and chroming
    - Seals from 5 - 535 mm
    - Complete service - everything you need from a single source, including assembly/disassembly service
    - Full cost transparency

    New services at HANSA-FLEX:
    - Large pump repairs, incl. test certificate
    - Lathe and milling work performed
    - Manufacturing of new cylinders

  • Engineering, unit and system manufacture

    HANSA-FLEX engineering, unit and system manufacturing - always close at hand

    - Available through any HANSA-FLEX branch
    - Advice from specialists
    - Project planning and construction of fluid systems and plant
    - Database-aided design
    - Provision of design data for customer drawings
    - Fast, flexible production of units and hydraulic cylinders
    - Documentation of test procedures and results
    - Paintwork finish to customer specification
    - Installation and commissioning by HANSA-FLEX installation teams

  • Hydraulic components

    HANSA-FLEX hydraulic components and consulting

    - More than 4,500 different hydraulic components immediately available
    - Selected 700-bar range in-stock
    - Supply of ready-to-install hydraulic assemblies, such as valve blocks and valve combinations
    - At customer's request, stocking for direct installation
    - Just-in-time delivery
    - Bought-in parts also available at short notice
    - Customer advice from specialists
    - Clearly laid-out catalogues

  • Customer Training

    The knowledge of the specialist. We make it available.

    HANSA-FLEX is a technical and practical cooperation partner to the International Hydraulics Academy (IHA) in Weixdorf near Dresden.

    The advantages of a training course:

    Cost-effectiveness and efficiency:
    - Enhance productivity based on increased machine availability
    - Cut costs by minimizing defect rates

    - Prevent mistakes, enhancing the safety of people and the environment
    - Learn product-specific regulations to safeguard personal and corporate legality

    Quality management:
    - Ongoing personnel qualification
    - Practically experienced trainers
    - Interactive seminars based on a progressive modular system
    - Small teaching groups

    - IHA certification courses
    - "Authorized Person" accreditation
    - Hydraulics specialist (HWK)

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