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Status Pro GmbH Maschinenmesstechnik

Status Pro GmbH Maschinenmesstechnik

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  • SPM Leonova Diamond/Emerald

    Leonova™ Diamond/Emerald marks a decisive advance
    in machine condition monitoring
    - unique machine diagnostic functions
    - precision line laser alignment and balancing
    - select what you need approach
    - optimal ergonomic design
    - revolutionary economic terms
    SPM has the organisation and the know-how
    to increase the availability and profitability of
    your production equipment.
    Knowing that your situation is special, we
    gave Leonova Diamond/Emerald a comprehensive range
    of functions and developed a new system of
    financing condition monitoring.
    We now leave the choice to you. Make
    Leonova Diamond/Emerald your perfect tool.

  • µLine

    The precise alignment and calibration of machines is a important part of the Quality management. Specially in the tool machinery market a precision of a µm is required. The new µLine system is easy to handle but very precise system for the measurements of straightness and perpendicularity. The system is made for the practical use to measure and calibrate machines. For that the system is developed and optimized over 20 years from the market leader in the east.

  • µLevel, das hochpräzise Neigungsmessgerät zur Maschinenvermessung

    µLevel is a very exact (1µm/m) spirit level (or inclinometer) . Gravity is the reference like with all spirit levels. It is a superb aid for the measurement of machine level and straightness in the vertical plane. It is very easy to use and fast calibrated in the field. You can use it as a stand alone instrument, in combination with a software which guilds you through the steps and documents the results. By using two µlevels at the same time one can be used as a reference. Measurements can be stored directly in the instrument and transferred to a PC afterwards.

  • ProFlange ist eine erstklassige Softwarelösung zur kompletten Flanschvermessung

    Flange Measurement, Milling and Quality Control have become very important issues. Not just in the Wind Power Industry and Wind Tower assembly but also in crane assembly, shipping Nuclear Power. The requirements regarding flange flatness have become very stringent.
    Status Pro’s Flange measurement equipment can help you to meet these requirements. Like many such applications, the ease of use is not just a matter of convenience but indeed central to getting results in a precise and cost effective way.
    For example with ProFlange you can measure as many points and as many diameters as you want in any order you like. Integrated items for short waviness, long waviness, 3D diagrams, possible central databases, time stamps for the measurements and so on. The software was developed close together with leading manufactures of windmills to fulfil their requirements. When working on large diameter flanges, you might find your self standing on a ladder so this feature together with wireless communication can suddenly become very important. All measured values are presented in 3D, best fit analysis and quality limits are integrated. This allows you to immediately judge your results on-site thus avoiding mistakes.
    The flange can be at any angle for the measurement thus saving time and money in the preparation of the workplace.

  • Einfache Vermessung und Einstellung von Walzen-Parallelitäten

    The measurement of parallelism requires a high standard equipment. We offer a range of systems for the in sales and our service to handle the job.

    With the easy to use RollCheck system no training is required. Just place the system on the roll and the rest is self explaining!

  • SPM Intellinova

    Intellinova® is an online condition monitoring system
    where well-proven methods and modern technology
    meet to ensure the highest possible uptime of critical
    assets. A multifunctional backbone of any condition
    monitoring program, Intellinova implements farsighted
    solutions, ensuring a durable and scalable system.
    In most industries, securing machinery uptime is vital to
    meet increasing demands on productivity. An online condition
    monitoring and diagnosis system will keep constant
    watch over your equipment to keep your plant running.
    Intellinova is a highly scalable solution and can be tailored
    to the various needs of many different customers
    and industries. The system is compatible with other
    products from SPM and may therefore be integrated
    with existing solutions.

  • Fixturlaser NXA Pro

    Fixturlaser NXA Pro – Redefines the Standard for Laser
    Based Shaft Alignment
    At its launch a few years ago, the Fixturlaser XA definitely set a new
    standard for laser based shaft alignment products. With the introduction
    of new technology in both hardware and software, this alignment
    tool took a huge innovative technology leap forward with regards
    to its user friendliness and the once so time consuming task of performing shaft alignment. The Fixturlaser NXA Pro is a new and improved successor to the Fixturlaser NXA with more new features and more content that will make your every day maintenance job a lot easier.

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