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GEDORE Torque Solutions

GEDORE Torque Solutions

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 Welcome to GEDORE Torque Solutions

GEDORE Torque Solutions is a specialist in high level torque bolting technology up to 54.000Nm. The large product range leaves nothing to be desired: From the Cordless Torque Wrench to the manual operated torque wrench the products are high in quality, high in precision and easy to use.


  • Cordless Torque Wrench, LDA

    The world's first Cordless Torque Wrench for applications up to 4.000 Nm allows fast, flexible use in the most diverse of bolting applications. Doubly patented bolting control and Li-Ion battery technology ensure powerful and enduring operation.
    A unique safety system and microprocessor electronics, coupled with the new high-power gear unit make it into a genuine highlight in your machinery inventory

  • Electric Torque Wrench, LDE

    The Electric Torque Wrench is the classic amongst the heavy-duty torque wrenches. It is a very welcome assistant for innumerable bolting jobs.
    The new generation has an even more rugged high-power gear unit. Precision torque conrol, repetition accuracy and long life are just some of its strengths.
    With correct handling and care, a life of 20 years is not uncommon for a GEDORE Torque Solutions Electric Torque Wrench.

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench, LDH/LDK

    GEDORE Torque Solutions Hydraulic Wrenches are flexible and rugged. The new single-handed hydraulic coupling adds a labour-saving convenience.
    These Wrenches are compatible with a wide range of Hydraulic Units. The perform best, however, whenn paired with the matching GEDORE Torque Solutions Hydraulic Unit.

  • Pneumatic Torque Wrench, LPK/LPK-X

    The Pneumatic Torque Wrench is an additional alternative in heavy-duty torque bolting technology.
    In conjunction with the GEDORE Torque Solutions air control unit, this torque wrench produces continuously high performance and precision in bolting applications.
    The ergonomic, 360°-rotating pistol grip with easy right-left changeover, makes it extremely convenient to use.

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