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Mobile Data Capture & Shop Floor Solutions

Membrain GmbH offers a wide range of solutions for manufacturing companies. These range from mobile data capture to integration of control systems and weighing machines into ERP systems (such as SAP), to asset management systems, to complex control systems for production processes (MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems) and production data acquisition (PDA).

Based on our own technology with a graphical user interface (GUI), we develop high-performance, innovative applications for manufacturing and logistics, with a focus on mobile tasks. In particular, our SAP-extensions are unbeatable in terms of performance and ROI. Find out about the options for using innovative technology to increase your productivity, while also saving plenty of money.


  • Mobile Data Capture with SAP PM - Maintenance Software MembrainPAS

    Membrain GmbH supplies “out of the box” package solutions for a number of logistics business processes, based on the Membrain PreDesigned Application Suite (MembrainPAS). By mobile data recording, a simple and easy merging of goods and information flows is possible.

    The maintenance software MembrainPAS for SAP PM allows data capture and recording from a remote computer workstation - exactly where they are required - with low staffing and financial expenses. The mobile solution for maintenance is used for maintenance planning, management, documentation and analysis of maintenance, inspection and repair.

    MembrainPAS for SAP PM applications for maintenance

    - Machinery and equipment (e.g. equipment, machinery, technical data)
    - Maintenance orders (e.g. maintenance, inspection, repair – correction of faults or downtimes)
    - Documentation & master data (e.g. maintenance schedules, manuals, documentation, specifications, warranty times, meter readings and measuring data management, life cycle of machinery and equipment, operating hours, TÜV-/UVV-inspection, ISO certification)
    - Spare parts (e.g. product catalog, procurement, stock management, usage, reservation and replacement of parts, minimum stocks)´
    - Reports & statistics (e.g. weak point analysis, downtimes, cause investigation, material and failure analysis, maintenance costs, etc.)
    - Contact data (e.g. customers, suppliers, service companies)

    The maintenance software MembrainPAS for SAP PM is completely based on the standard development platform Microsoft.NET. Therefore, it runs on all standard portable data recording devices. Virtually all barcode printers can be easily integrated. Also, industrial terminals are supported. Bar code as well as 2D code, RFID and manual input is possible.

    Due to the Online/Offline mode, MembrainPAS for SAP PM allows a fast and interruption-free operation, even with different environmental conditions.

    The maintenance software solution is scalable to support other processes and can be extended to provide a full Shop Floor System.

  • Mobile Data Capure for Asset Inventory

    MembrainPAS AM is the solution for mobile data capture for an asset inventory. Membrain GmbH sees mobile data capture as complementary to our existing backend systems. Mobile data capture needs to be able to adapt to an existing infrastructure. Therefore, mobile data capture for asset inventory needs to adapt to existing ERP systems like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics or to Helpdesk systems like Remedy or Helpline. Mobile data capture acts as a subsystem of the existing primary system and does not create any system architecture overheads

    Get more information about mobile data capture for asset inventories by clicking

  • Mobile Data Capture with MembrainPAS

  • Label Printing for SAP

    Membrain bridges the gap between the complex and – in the area of label management – not very user-friendly SAP and the very intuitive solutions of the Microsoft world.

    The MembrainPAS LM product effectively carries out the design, the printing and the maintenance of labels directly in the SAP system. Without any developer skills, you can create a set of rules to define the label format you want. The maintenance of label formats, label printers and locations is done directly in MembrainPAS LM. The product as delivered already includes various transactions (printing programmes) for creating product, delivery, dispatch or warehouse labels (transport contracts, inventory locations, warehouse receipts, ...) as well as labels for production orders. MembrainPAS LM works by using a Microsoft style label design solution. This simple to implement solution is installed in the Membrain exclusive namespace in SAP and offers high flexibility with low cost of maintenance.

    MembrainPAS LM also offers an option of customer-specific extensions for data collection. Using MembrainPAS LM there is no need for programming to change the formats in SAP. There are many test options in SAP as well as monitoring using the SAP Application Log.

    Thanks to the integration of the solution in the MembrainPAS Suite, there are many options for integration with other components, such as printer routing which reacts to error conditions such as paper out, or the integration of messaging capability like SMS or email integration to signal faults.

    Implementation is rapid, thanks to the availability of an SAP transport. The layout and the fields are simply taken from the design software using an Upload.

    Obviating the need for programming within SAP means a very short-term ROI.

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