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The company DWT is a family owned company, located in the industrial heart of Germany. The headquarter is situated in Essen, where production and central stock is located. The company has been set up in the year 1987 as main supplier of the german mining companies. Nowadays we deliver products all over the world to different markets and for many different applications.

Nowadays we are focussing the following business units:Production Pipe bevelling machines

- Sales and Service of products for assembly
- Sales and Service of products for industrial maintenance
- Production and sales of nitrogen generators for different applications
- Production and sales of pipe beveling and cutting equipment


  • Pipe bevelling machine OD

    Portable pipe bevelling machines for on-site pipe edge preparation and bevelling of waterwall panels, boiler components and single boiler tubes have a high metal removal rate, are easy to handle and are constructed in a rugged and compact way. Especially for supercritical boilers and high pressure steam boilers these pipe bevelling machines are designed for narrow space applications in steamboiler service applications. A perfect weld preparation of boiler panels is getting more and more important for modern boiler work. The quality of tube end facing and tube chamfering before welding of boiler tubes welding is crucial for the final result of welding. The BABCOCK pipe bevelling tool has been developed by the boiler manufacturer BABCOCK for the need of their own maintenance people on-site. Their high working speed and quick readyness for use allow economic boiler manufacturing and boiler maintenance.

  • Pipe beveling machine ID

    complete range of portable pipe beveling machines for pipe weld preparation and orbital welding on-site makes pipe beveling easy to be done. All pipe edge prep machines are available with electrical or pneumatic drive. Due to aluminum housing the machines have a very low weight, which makes beveling work of heavy duty pipes with high wall-thickness on-site a lot more convenient. A large application range and special pipe beveling tools for bevel applications are available. Pipe end preparation is also necessary for orbital welding to achieve the best pipe weld edge preparations with outside beveling and inside beveling.

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