Logistics & Distribution 2016 - Kistamässan, 21 - 22 September 2016

The future of material handling, e-logistics & systems


Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question - contact ester.fardell@easyfairs.com 

The answers are divided into three categories:



I need to place a furniture order/change my furniture order for the stand. Who do I contact?
The stands are constructed by Workman Event. Please contact Workman Event regarding orders for your stand, technical specifications and exhibitor insurance. Note! last day to order extra furniture and accessories is Monday 5 September, 2016. An extra charge of 30% will be added to orders placed after 5 September. Cancellation later than 5 September will be fully charged.

phone no: +46 (0)8-410 356 60
email: monterservice@workman.se

More infomation about this can be found under Exhibitor information at this webpage.

When can I deliver goods and where should it be delivered?
Goods can be delivered from Monday 19 September, weekdays between 7.15am-4pm. Adress the goods to the following address:

Logistics & Distribution 2016, Company name and stand number
Vågögatan 3
SE-164 40 KISTA

*Make sure to label your goods with show name, company name and stand number!

More specifications can be found in the technical document. The information is usually also available to access in My Easyfairs under “documents” in the right-hand column. It can also be found under Exhibitor information at the webpage.

What are the moving-in and moving-out hours for the show?
Moving in: Tuesday 20 September 7 am – 8 pm . If you wish to move in later than 8 pm, this has to be approved by Malmö Mäss-service well in advance. 

Moving out:
Thursday from 4.30pm-10pm. 

Detailed rules and regulations for moving in and out can be found in the technical document

Where can I get exhibitor badges for my stand personnel?
All stand personnel must have an exhibitor badge. Badges must always be shown when entering and exiting the show. Log in to My Easyfairs to register and print out exhibitor badges for your stand personnel. Follow the steps below:

Log in to My Easyfairs using the login you received when you booked your stand.

  1. Click on the show you are exhibiting at
  2. Click on “Register your staff” in the right-hand list under the heading Admin
  3. Click on “Exhibitor Personnel” (the second tab at the top of the page in the blue field of the new portal)
  4. Click on “Add person” and add stand personnel

Where do I find ready-made banners and similar marketing material?
These can be found under Exhibitor information on the show’s website or in your My Easyfairs. Please contact the Project Coordinator for the show for additional requests of marketing material.

How does the digital ticket/e-ticket work?
The digital ticket is just what it says. A digital version of the printed ticket. Sending out tickets/invitations is a very simple way to market your attendance at the show, free of charge. It should be used as a follow-up to the printed invitation/ticket. If you have provided the show team with your logotype, you will receive a personal digital ticket. The personal digital ticket has a link to your personal visitor registration, which allows you to see who has registered via your ticket and also their contact details. This allows you to build up a database of visitors/customers/prospects to contact before, during and after the show.

Where can I view my pre-registered visitors?
Log in to My Easyfairs using the login you received when you booked your stand. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the show you are exhibiting at
  2. Click on “Contact your pre-registered visitors” on the right-hand side under the heading "Admin"
  3. This will take you to a new portal where you can view a list of people who have registered via your personal registration link

What is a personal registration link?
In My Easyfairs, you will find a personal link that you can use to digitally invite your customers and prospects, etc. via your own website, via mailings, etc. When you use the link, you will get a list of contact details for those who have registered via your link. This enables you to build up your own database prior to the show! 

How do I get my personal registration link?
Log in to My Easyfairs using the login you received when you booked a stand at the show. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the show you are exhibiting at
  2. Click on “Contact your pre-registered visitors” in the right-hand list under the heading Admin
  3. A new portal will then open. Click on the small square beside the link on the left of the page. The link is your personal registration link.


What is My Easyfairs?
My Easyfairs is your own space/page on the show’s website. The online exhibitor catalogue has a list of all exhibiting companies and each company in the list has its own entry. On this page, you can present your company, your products, post press releases, videos, contact details, etc. This service is included in your stand package.

Log in to My Easyfairs using the e-mail from “My Easyfairs” that you received when you booked your stand. This e-mail contains a link, click on it to confirm your account and create a password. If you already have made a password but forgotten it, simply click on “Forgot your password?” and you will receive a new one by e-mail. 

I don’t have any login details for My Easyfairs - how do I get a new one?
The person who booked your stand have received an e-mail from noreply@easyfairs.com with a link for creating a specific login. If the person who initially created the login linked to your company has quit or if for some other reason you can’t access My Easyfairs, please contact the Sales manager or Project coordinator to receive a new invitation by e-mail that will enable you to create a new login. If you have created a login but forgotten the password, simply click on “Forgot your password?” and you will receive a new one by e-mail. 

How do I upload product information to My Easyfairs?
Just click on the ‘+’ symbol and begin to type. To edit, use the pencil that appears when you move the cursor to the right. Don’t forget that you can boost a product! The boosted products appear in a slide show list on the top of the exhibitor catalogue. If you want to promote particular product(s), you can click "Innovation" to mark them as an innovations. Products marked "innovation" will appear in the innovation gallery on the show website. You can also add more new products under “News”.

Please take take the time to enter all information about your product, both in Swedish and English, as this will ensure better visibility on the show website.

Can I use product information that I uploaded when attending other Easyfairs events?
Yes, scroll down the page with your products and mark which show the product should be shown at. 

I have uploaded products in My Easyfairs, but they are not visible?
Check what language you used to enter information. It is essential to insert text under the correct tab. If, for example, you want to insert text on the Swedish page, you must enter the text in the Swedish tab.

I have uploaded a YouTube link in My Easyfairs, but the video doesn't appear?
If information is not visible, this may be due to the fact that you have not uploaded information in both English and Swedish. The system can be sensitive to this when YouTube links are inserted. 

My logotype is not visible in the exhibitor catalogue?
For your logo to be displayed, you need to upgrade to Online 365+ package. You can do this in My Easyfairs or by contacting the Sales Executive for the show.

How do I change the categories for our company to be associated with?
Log in to My Easyfairs using the login you received when you booked the show. Then click on “Add” in the box below the heading “Categories”. Choose the categories you want to link to your business. There is a limited number of categories and it is not possible to add categories. If you have suggestions for additional categories to be added, please contact the show team.

My Easyfairs doesn't seem to be working as it should – what is wrong?
You probably need to switch web browser. My Easyfairs works best with Google Chrome.

3. Visit Connect

What is Visit Connect?
Visit Connect is a system made for collecting contact details of visitors by using a smartphone and tablets with iOS or Android. You simply scan the visitor’s badge using the Visit Connect app. This simplifies your follow-up after a show and ensures that you don't lose important business cards or contact details.

How does Visit Connect work?
Shortly before the show you will receive a Visit Connect e-mail from scandinavia@easyfairs.com with a personal link that you click on to create your personal login. These details will be used to log in to the app. The e-mail also contains further instructions on how you can personalise the app to suit your requirements. All settings for the app are implemented in the back-end mode on a computer (not directly in the app). This must be done before the show starts and before you start using the app. It is not possible to do this at the show if you don't have access to your personal login, computer and Internet connection. If you have already used Visit Connect at another show, you simply use the same login you previously created. Just remember to change the event in the menu. 

Download the Visit Connect app here >>
Downloadable brochure about Visit Connect here >>

How many licences do I have?
Each device (mobile or tablet) that will be used to scan visitors requires a unique licence. How many licences you have depends on what package you have purchased. If you have Online 365, you have 1 licence, Online 356+ - 3 licences and Online Premium -  5 licences. If you want to purchase additional licences (SEK 1350 each) – contact the Sales Executive or order via My Easyfairs under “order additional items”. During the show you can also visit Easyfairs BusinessPoint to purchase additional licences.

Important! If you download the app to a device to test it, you will have to use that device on the show. Once a licence is opened it is used. Test licenses only on the device (mobile or tablet) that will be used at the show.

What devices does Visit Connect work with?
The app works on smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android. It is currently under development to be compatible with more operating systems.

I have not received a Visit Connect e-mail with an activation link?
If you haven't received your activation link for creating an account in Visit Connect, you can request a new one by sending an e-mail to visitconnect@aditso.se containing details of your registered company name, the show name and the e-mail address you want the e-mail to be re-sent to.

Please note there may be some delay with enquiries to visitconnect@aditso.se, so start well in advance. 

Is support available for Visit Connect during the show?
Support for questions about Visit Connect is available at the main entrance at the show between 8am and 12pm at the first show day.