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Panasonic Business

Panasonic Business

Stand C:07

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12626 Hägersten

Panasonic Business consists of Panasonic's range of products for business - B2B. These include products in order to help organisations capture, compute and communicate all sorts of information: image, voice, and textual data. Products include PBX telephone switches, document printers, professional cameras, projectors, large visual displays, rugged mobile PCs and tablets and fire alarms solutions.


  • Toughbook & Toughpad

    Toughbook and Toughpad by Panasonic
    Transforming the way businesses work
    Forget any thought of laptops or tablets. Toughbook and Toughpad are different. Very different.

    With unrivalled durability, world-class connectivity, specialist form factors and integrated functionality such as GPS, field cameras, barcode readers and Bluetooth, they’re built to perform where other technology fails.

    And that’s where they make all the difference.


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