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Botab AB

Botab AB

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BOTAB has since 45 years supplied various types of lifting equipment to our customers. Everything from small balancers for a few kilos of cargo to large overhead cranes and gantry cranes up to 100 ton load. Today, we work mostly with customized solutions of lifting equipment for all types of industries. The products Liftronic Easy and Liftronic Universal is used for handling of loads from a few kilograms up to 320 kg. Liftronic units are equipped with a standard lifting hook. Our customers frequently asks for customized lifting accessories. Botab design and manufacture these according to customer needs. In the "Production Fair 2015", we will show the equipment Liftronic Easy.
BOTAB has three agency products where the French company Verlinde SA deliver crane components such as chain hoists, rope hoists and belt hoists etc. From Italian SCAGLIA INDEVA SpA, we have the electronic balancer LIFTRONIC and from AeroGo US air cushion technology. The component program includes screw jacks, balancers, pallet trucks, gear, lifting gear, etc.


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