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Hatteland; RamBase ERP solution

Hatteland; RamBase ERP solution

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Innovation improving business

Deliver innovations that make your business more efficient, reliable and secure.
We started out selling electronic components in 1971. Yet success brought along challenges.
Without reliable business systems available, we chose to develop our own solutions. This spurred our ongoing innovation drive.
Hatteland began as an electronic component supplier back in 1973, based in Nedre Vats, Norway.
Hatteland’s ability to be “best in class” in logistics and customer support was the reason for the rapid growth. Strongly supported by an engaged sales force and its own ERP-solution RamBase, specifically designed for distribution.
As the company grew, the need for innovative new business systems was recognized. In the 90’s the company’s products were established as separate companies, simultaneous as the idea of AutoStore warehouse system were established. To secure capital for further development of Hatteland products; AutoStore and RamBase, Hatteland sold the component business to Arrow in 2000 and the display business to Hercules in 2007. Today Hatteland represents 275 employees, with a turnover last year of 470M NOK.
Hatteland has three core business areas:
o AutoStore – the original grid-based, scalable warehouse system for problem-free material handling and optimal space efficiency. Stop airhousing, start warehousing!
o RamBase – the complete business success platform based on a fully integrated ERP solution in the cloud. RamBase provides complete control and efficiency from planning and production to delivery, billing and reporting. Resulting in reliable information essential to your performance quality and bottom-line success. With RamBase everything connects!
o Hatteland Solutions – secures smooth IT operations leaving customers to focus on their core activities. We have the most secure cloud-based system for handling and storing business critical data. Hatteland even has its own EMP-secure mountain plant for optimal data security. Solid as the Norwegian bedrock itself!

RamBase is Hatteland's ERP solution that delivers reliable real time data for your everyday decision making.

RamBase is a Private Cloud based ERP solution for complex distribution and production companies, with unique tracking and documentation capabilities covering all main business processes.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) since 2005, we now also offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) with extensive possibilities for third party integrations via APIs. Business data is stored in a private cloud in our mountain hall in Norway - protected by the highest level of security, integrity and redundancy available.

RamBase, a product by Hatteland, has over several years delivered a ERP-system to the markets with increasing demand for profitability, quality, traceability and documentation. By gathering all critical information in one system, one gains access to the important details of the business operations. An overall functional integration offers a flexible and open approach for business representatives to create, trace, access, maintain, share, communicate, coordinate and assess timely business information when needed. This gives users in different departments/roles the ability to confirm and maintain the same information in real time.

The RamBase Ecosystem:
RamBase is divided into three segments; distribution, production and auction. The total RamBase business suite covers all business processes needed. All modules are rich in functionalities, and fully integrated with each other. This gives you total control of your information - RamBase: everything connects.


  • RamBase, a product by Hatteland

    RamBase – Everything Connects!
    RamBase is a cloud based ERP system with platform-as-a-service (PaaS) possibilities. On top of a fully integrated ERP system, there is a very rich API which makes it possible to integrate nearly everything that is connected to the internet.

    We can therefore safely say that RamBase is your complete business success platform, providing complete control by connecting the entire value chain and collaborating, streamlining and simplifying all processes. The result is reliable information essential to your performance quality and bottom-line success.

    One of the key features of RamBase is that the whole system is built from logistics, where finance is not the starting point, but the sum of all transactions. This method enable employees to make accurate decisions, while managers keep in control with real-time information.


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