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A-SAFE Scandinavia

A-SAFE Scandinavia

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Simply Safer, Simply Better

A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of the world's first fixed, polymer, flexible safety barrier system.

We have over 30 years' experience in plastic extrusion, and in that time have grown in to a world leader in workplace safety solutions. We're a worldwide brand, chosen by some of the best companies in the world, and offer you the best in safety, advice, consultation and aftercare.


  • iFlex RackGuard

    Protecting your rack legs is a logistical priority and the iFlex Rackguard is the next generation of racking protection.

    Scientifically developed by A-SAFE's in-house Research & Development department, the design improves on an already world-leading product. Quite simply, the iFlex RackGuard is on another level from anything else that protects rack legs. The new benefits include:


  • Flexible Bollard


    Bollards are implemented in many different workplaces and are used extensively in industrial, commercial, public and car park environments.

    Bollards are normally used to protect structures, prevent unauthorised or unsafe access or for vehicle and pedestrian guidance. They can be installed in situations where they need to protect against vehicle impact, prevent impact damage or where they simply need to provide a physical presence for access or guidance control.

    A-SAFE produce a number of strengths of flexible bollard, with varying appearances for differing benefits. We also manufacture a hooped bollard, which comes in a range of colours. These are highly-visible so vehicle drivers and pedestrians can easily see where they are permitted, or not permitted, to go.

    A-SAFE Bollards provide high impact resistance in situations where vehicles are present.

    Where used in pedestrian areas for guidance or access prevention they provide a smooth 'people friendly' surface as well as durability to knocks, scrapes and bumps. All A-SAFE bollard products are manufactured to have an inherent flexibility to cushion, absorb and dissipate impact forces.

    A-SAFE Bollards are also designed to reduce or eliminate potential floor damage caused after impacts.


  • iFlex Barrier range

    Tough, resilient and able to flex, absorb and reform following low level workplace vehicle
    impacts, A-SAFE Pedestrian Barriers segregate vehicles from pedestrians and organise
    and protect a facility, offering huge Health & Safety benefits and a quick and enduring
    return in investment.
    This Technical Specification defines the barriers’ capabilities and acts as guidance for
    customers when selecting barriers that are fit-for-purpose.


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