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Weland Lagersystem AB

Weland Lagersystem AB

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Weland Lagersystem AB is a leading provider of solutions for warehouse management and logistics. We deliver customized and optimized lifts and warehouse inventory. Our range of warehouse inventory includes pallet racks, cantilever racks, pull-out units and sigma beams. With the right products at the right place, it's easy to streamline the entire production.

Our concept is the same since our start - to deliver Swedish-made products that streamline inventory management and logistics. Our strength is our high level of expertise and responsiveness. We always work closely with our customers and always try to meet their needs. Weland Storage Systems always strives to deliver the most effective solutions possible.

Today Weland Lagersystem AB is part of the Weland group with a turnover of about MSEK 1900 and 900 employees. Weland Lagersystem AB is a global company that is represented in eight countries and our products are represented in more than twenty countries. We have our own sales offices in Gislaved and Västerås. Despite our global brand, all production and development takes place at our premises in Gislaved.

We strive to meet future demands on logistics and inventory. We are constantly working on product development and is a long term partner that you can trust. Our strict procedures guarantee efficient inventory management and long-life products. We are driven to create new, innovative solutions for our customers.


  • Storage systems

    Pallet Rack
    Weland Pallet Rack is designed with a focus on future requirements for rational material handling. The pallet rack's design promotes a well thoughtout function with a high level of safety.

    Cantilever Racks
    Weland Cantilever Racks are designed to be flexible so they are suitable for all types of warehouse space. In single or double versions, the cantilever racks turn the warehouse into an easy to grasp and easy to operate part of the company's logistics function.

    Sigma Beams
    Sigma beams from Weland Lagersystem AB are manufactured in 3 different standard heights and each height is available in 5 different material thicknesses. The design of the beams means 2 beams can be simply screwed together to form a single profile.

    Pull-out Units
    The pull-out unit facilitates work during handling of picked goods on pallets. It becomes easier to access the items on the pallet and the function saves storage space.


  • Vertical storage lifts

    Weland Lagersystem's vertical storage lifts save large amounts of floor space and optimise the warehouse. The vertical storage lifts, which replace pallet racks and storage shelves, can be placed on the production premises, in the warehouse or in a freestanding tower outside the building. Applications and placing are steered by the company's activities, size of premises and the type of goods to be stored.

    In a vertical storage lift, nearly all types of goods can be stored, for example, bulky, small parts, heavy goods, long goods etc. The goods are stored safely, clean and protected from external damage.

    The vertical storage lifts are integrated with existing systems, for instance, WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or similar. This provides major gains for the company's internal logistics.

    Thanks to our own development and manufacturing, we can provide tailor-made, efficient solutions that give our customers new competitive advantages. Contact us and we will help you!


Product news

  • Specially customised vertical storage lifts for Tetra Pak

    Weland Lagersystem has entered into a collaboration with Tetra Pak, the packaging manufacturer. During late spring 2016, the company will install specially customised vertical storage lifts at the market leader.

    Weland Lagersystem is now taking on a new project that is planned to be in full production towards the end of 2016. As a consequence of Tetra Pak's 6.5 metre long packaging products, Weland Lagersystem has customised vertical storage lifts to take goods up to seven metres long.

    "Tetra Pak will be able to save a lot of floor space and increase the efficiency of their picking rate," Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, says.

    The solution is a Compact Lift vertical storage life, which makes it possible for Tetra Pak to put the goods in directly from a truck. In addition, all vertical storage lifts in the Compact series can handle heavy weights, because they are driven by four gear racks.

    "Tetra Pak will benefit greatly from the vertical storage lifts, which will simplify order picking for the manufacturer's personnel," Björn says.


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