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Toyota Material Handling Sweden AB

Toyota Material Handling Sweden AB

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Toyota Material Handling Sweden is the leading supplier of forklifts in Sweden. We also offer services and solutions such as forklift service, rental, used trucks, parts, and driver training. Our range of trucks is very broad with BT warehouse trucks and Toyota counterbalanced trucks. We can offer truck service on every brand on the market. Altogether we have around 440 employees, of which 270 are in our nationwide service organisation.


  • T-motion - Toyota-thinking for effective item handling

    T-motion is Toyota’s concept for item handling. Toyota Material Handling offers a wide range of tractors and load carriers to support customers in raising efficiency and productivity when moving goods indoors as well as outdoors. Optimised load carriers with effective tow tractors provide the opportunity for just-in-time logistics, an approach that shares many values with the Toyota Production System. Towing solutions offer significant benefits for advanced order picking, long-distance load transportation, or specialised transports within lean operations.


  • Pallet truck BT Levio

    The BT Levio range of powered pallet trucks includes trucks for horizontal pallet transportation, loading / unloading and order picking. These compact pallet trucks are fast and powerful, with a focus on safety and ease of use. Available with pedestrian, platform, stand-in and rider-seated versions, the BT Levio range has a wide variety of uses in material handling applications, including warehouses and shops. All standard BT powered pallet truck models also work effectively in chilled environments.


  • Reachstacker BT Reflex

    Suitable for indoor horizontal transportation and stacking, such as in warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies, the BT Reflex series of powerful reach trucks offers high acceleration and exceptional driveability for optimum pallet movement. With lift heights of up to 13 metres and load capacities from 1.2 to 2.7 tonnes, the BT Reflex series offers truck models suitable for block stacking, drive-in racking, and long load handling. Equally effective in chilled and cold store environments, our high performance reach trucks are easily programmable and equipped with unique safety features for improved load handling and enhanced driver ergonomics.


  • SpotMe - Warning System for a safer workplace

    Warehouses are crowded, fast-moving environments, where very limited traffic rules exist. Needless to say, extra attention from forklift drivers and pedestrians is required in order to maintain high warehouse safety levels. In areas with poor visibility, SpotMe alerts truck drivers and pedestrians to the potential dangers of collisions, protecting the workers, the forklifts and the goods.

    Its infra-red (IR) direction sensitive sensors detect the movement or the presence of forklifts and pedestrians at the crossroads in due time. Whenever a collision danger is spotted, a SpotMe warning unit is activated, which helps the driver to avoid accidents.


  • I_Site - more than fleet management

    I_Site is the intelligent forklift fleet management solution that helps you improve in four major areas: cost, productivity, health and safety, and environment. I_Site instantly connects you to essential forklift fleet data keeping you in full control of your material handling business every day!


Product news

  • A new range of high performance stacker trucks from Toyota

    Toyota Material Handling releases a complete new range of platform stackers on the European market. The new BT Staxio P-series includes 11 models from 1.2 up to 2.0 tonnes and shares many characteristics with the award-winning BT Levio P-Series powered pallet truck that was successfully launched last year.

    Designed for horizontal transport and stacking in intensive applications the adaptable BT Staxio SPE range offers the right model for each application. The SPE120/140/160/200 with fixed support arm models for open pallet handling, the models SPE120L/140L/160L/200L with elevating support arm for use on uneven floors or double load handling, the straddle support arm model SPE140S to work with different pallet sizes and the dedicated double stackers (SPE200DN/200D) with a special narrow version for intensive loading and unloading applications. With a vast amount of versatility, this range allows you to truly access all areas.

    Compact, reliable and designed for intensive work the new BT Staxio P-series reaches 6 m lift heights - highest in class - and 10 km drive speed for quick material handling. Residual capacities are increased compared to the previous model and are class-leading. This is achieved by the advanced truck technology that delivers superb stability when lifting. The SPE is built around the operator with low noise and vibration, 180° powered steering with ergonomic handle and an adjustable steering arm height, which ensures that working with this range is a pleasure.
    Safety is enhanced with the Totalview concept allowing excellent visibility through the mast to the fork tips at any height. Driver protection solutions consisting of foldable gates, fixed sideguards or backrest and speed control when cornering, all support the smooth and safe handling of goods.

    At the same time Toyota Material Handling also extends its BT Staxio W-series with 7 new models. The new heavy-duty pedestrian SWE range includes 1.40, 1.45, 1.6 and 2.0 t models offering the same strengths in terms of productivity, reliability, safety and ergonomics as the new platform version. Both new ranges are also available as cold store versions.

    “Our new BT Staxio SPE and SWE trucks are ideal for high intensity applications and are true multitaskers. They are designed to perform in a safe, productive but also energy efficient way. These trucks also exist in Lithium-Ion version to optimise energy and cost-efficiency even further,” says Martin Mimer, Product Management Warehouse Trucks at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

    “The new BT Staxio trucks also come with Toyota I_Site, improving safety and productivity for our
    customers. “


  • Toyota Material Handling Launches Improved Generation of BT Movit N-series

    Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) releases brand new BT Movit N-series towing tractors and order pickers for even higher efficiency and safety in material handling operations

    Robust yet lightweight and ergonomic, perfectly adapted to frequent use in numerous working environments, TMHE’s new generation of BT Movit N-series forklifts has been re-designed to bring customers increased benefits. The main areas of improvement focus on driver comfort, safety and productivity.

    The latest BT Movit forklift models come with operator presence control over the entire floor, ensuring that the driver works in a correct and safe position. LED lights have been added to the front of the machine to increase visibility, while the maximum speed has been raised to 12km/h to maintain fast and safe material handling.

    Customers can also rely on an optimised truck-driver interface - intuitive and easy to reach – as well as a new handgrip and travel control, ergonomic backrest, vibration damping floor, emergency switch within a hand’s reach, and an integrated front bumper for quick and efficient operations.

    Another extra is that the motor is larger and quieter on these forklift models, respecting the environment. Additionally, the battery can now be changed in less than one minute, allowing for smooth and continuous goods handling.

    “The newly added features have the same look and feel as the BT Movit S-series. The optimised BT Movit N-series tractors and order pickers are built for 1.5 tons maximum towing capacity and have a 70mm low step-in as a standard. Their small dimensions and simplicity of use make them suitable for a variety of indoor applications in offices, small stores and warehouses, hotels, and hospitals, for example."

    “Our load carriers apply to all BT Movit models, including this new range. To better serve our customers, we equally provide standard load carriers and the possibility to tailor load carriers for very specific needs,” says Magnus Senneryd, Senior Applications Manager at Toyota Material Handling Europe.


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