Logistik 2015 - Kistamässan, KISTA, 23 - 24 September 2015

Nordic's largest and most business-driven trade show within shipping, transport and logistics!

Feel the contrast between juniper fragrant smokiness and fruity elegance. Experience the difference between sherry barrel sweet raisin tones and bourbon barrel more rounded vanilla. Marvel at the Swedish oak spicy contribution.

On 23-24 September you have the opportunity to experience a unique whiskey tasting with Mackmyra during your visit. Mackmyra is the pioneer and innovator who started the Swedish whiskey expedition with Swedish ingredients, without additives, and through climate-distillation technique.

Join us on a trip where you get to try a selection of Mackmyra's unique 30-liter barrels, learn more about småfatens magic, if ekfatens importance and inspired by how Mackmyra challenged throughout whiskey industry.

Time and date?

September 23 at. 15:00 in the VIP heel of Kistamässan
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24th September at. 14:00 in the VIP heel of Kistamässan
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Price: SEK 200 per person
Note! Limited places (max 50 per sampling)