Logistik 2015 - Kistamässan, KISTA, 23 - 24 September 2015

Nordic's largest and most business-driven trade show within shipping, transport and logistics!

Here is some important information for exhibitors 


1.    Free tickets
2.    My easyFairs
3.    Banner and logo
4.    Exhibitor information
5.    Exhibitor cards
6.    Food and drinks
7.    Digital tickets
9.    Fair magazine
10.  Inspiration guide
11.  Filming
12. Scan your visitors with the app Visit Connect

For questions about your stand, extra orders to your stand, exhibitor insurance, etc., please contact Workman Event on +46 8-410 356 60 or monterservice@workman.se. You can also order furniture etc. on Workman's website www.service.workman.se. More info under paragraph 4 below.

1. Tickets for your customers and prospects

Many companies exhibit at the fair and it is important that your current and future customers know that you will exhibit. You can order free of charge unlimited admission tickets / invitations to send out to your customers and prospects. Inform simultaneously about specific fair offers and tell them why they should visit your stand. Ticket orders are made to emelie.persson@easyFairs.com +46 31-89 41 74

2. My easyFairs

We have developed our website and improved it for exhibitors, including an online catalogue. In the catalogue, you can present your company and products, post product news, press releases and make your web address visible for all visitors. This service is free of charge and naturally, we hope you'll use it. A while back, you received an e-mail from "My easyFairs" with a link straight in to the system, with the request to confirm your e-mail address and choose a password. The e-mail address is your user name. If you have forgotten the password, just click on "Forgotten password" and a new one will be sent to your e-mail.

User manual>>

3. Banners and logo

Use the banners on your webpage/campaign site, Facebook, blogs or Twitter. Link the banner to www.easyFairs.com/logistik so visitors easily can register and print out their free tickets.

In your printed marketing the logo is most suitable.

Banner 175x200px>>

Banner 300x100px>>

Fair logo 1>>

Fair logo 2>>

4. Exhibitor information

Exhibitor information from Kistamässan with information about moving in/out etc. Read it carefully.

Technichal information>>

5. Exhibitor cards

Register your staff at My easyFairs.


6. Catering

Fill your stand with food and drinks. KM Restauranger at Kistamässan holds a license to serve wine, spirits and beer on the premises. They can provide alcoholic drinks and stand catering for all exhibitors. KM restauranger can also give you proposals for something pleasant to offer your visitors in your stand.

Contact KM restauranger:
Isabelle +46 8-410 608 20

7. Digital ticket for your customers and prospects

To make it easier for you to invite your customers and prospects to your stand, we have made a  digital ticket. It is personal, with your logo and your stand number. Send your logo to us (emelie.persson@easyFairs.com) to receive your personal digital ticket. 

8. Inspiration guide

We have made a manual, containing many useful tips

Inspiration guide>>

9. Filming

All filming is forbidden and has to be approved by exhibition manager Jennie Heidenfors, +46 31 89 95 42, jennie.heidenfors@easyFairs.com

10. Scan your visitors with our app - Visit Connect

With easyFairs app, Visit Connect, you can scan information about visitors in your stand, simply by scanning the QR code on their badges. This helps you to follow up leads after the show and make sure you don’t lose important business cards or contact information.

How do you do?
Shortly before the show, you’ll get a Visit Connect-mail with a personal link where you can create your personal login and password. This information can then be used to log into the app that you can download via Google Play or Appstore. Remember to download the app before you come to the show since you need access to your personal login, your computer and Internet. If you have already used easyFairs Visit Connect at an easyFairs trade show, simply use the same login as earlier. Don’t forget to change event in the app menu.

Download Visit Connect here>>

More information about Visit Connect here>>