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Helge Nyberg AB

Helge Nyberg AB

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Ergobjörn Trolleys for Efficient Material Handling

Since 1958, we have developed and manufactured trolleys saving a lot of money and many aching backs. Therefore, we know how important it is to ask yourself the right questions before investing in a material handling solution.

As specialists, we rationalise the work and costs of warehouse and logistics in sectors including industrial manufacturing, health care, airports, offices and eCommerce.


  • E-commerce Solutions

    Flexible E-commerce Solutions
    When picking several orders at the same time, our e-commerce trolley is a flexible solution, where shelf dividers are easily added, adjusted or removed. The side grid is also removable and can be mounted on either the right or the left side depending on your own requirements.Depending on the aisle width and goods’ size, the trolleys are made in two different widths. The centre-wheels’ equipment makes the trolley easy to manoeuvre even with one hand and makes it easy to turn also with heavy load. Other sizes or power supply equipment etc. available on request.


  • Step Trolleys

    Trolleys with easy-to-use pull-out steps that automatically return to folded position. The steps extend 60 cm above floor level, facilitating picking up to a height of 2.5 m. Shelf edges keep the cargo firmly in place. The chassis is made of 22 mm shiny zinc-coated tubing. Hard-wearing 12 mm shelves, reversible or detachable, with a light grey laminate finish


  • Pedal Bikes and Scooters

    With our bikes and scooters, you can just kick and go – even if you work in a large building. If you think how much time you save each time compared to walking, it’s not hard to see the increase in efficiency in the slightly longer term. If it is not just yourself you need to move, you can choose a pedal bike or scooter with a platform.


  • Table trolleys

    Practical trolleys with various designs. Ends made of 22 mm tubing with chrome finish or powder-coated light grey or black textured finish. Max. load: 150 kg. Max. load per shelf: 100 kg. Four swivel wheels with grey rubber tyres measuring 100x25 mm, slide bearing hubs. Two of the wheels have brakes. Black or grey powder-coated brackets.


  • Office Trolleys

    Our smart office trolleys make your work easier, faster and more ergonomic. The trolleys are designed to be as practical, flexible and functional as possible to meet a complete range of needs throughout the office environment.


Product news

  • Stadium are investing in trolley solution from Helge Nyberg AB for order picking within their eCommerse.

    Stadium are investing in trolley solution from Helge Nyberg AB for order picking within their eCommerse.
    With space for more than 30 orders for each picking trolley, Stadium's online department can maximise its logistics in a supereffective e-commerce solution. There is a lot of pressure on the online department, which is Stadium's biggest shop.
    “Our online department is growing like mad and the online shop is Stadium ’s biggest. The collaboration with Helge Nyberg AB has worked really well and the Ergobjörn trolleys are ergonomic with push handles in several different places. Despite being large to accommodate many orders, they are easy to handle. We used to do our picking in a very manual way”, says Kristian Jönsson.


  • Lindex AB - Flexibility for a Growing E-commerce

    Lindex AB - Flexibility for a Growing E-commerce
    Linde'x plants for order picking to stores (Distribution Center) and E-commerce (Shop Online), are situated just outside Gothenburg in Sweden.
    Ergobjörn Trucks from Helge Nyberg AB have since June 2013 been in the building where E-commerce orders are handled, . Efficiency is steadily increasing in the newly renovated warehouse, tailor made to their flow. And highly efficient work is crucial, especially since Linde'x E-commerce has been growing with 30 per cent per year for the past seven years.


  • Stayhard AB - Rapid Growth in E-commerce for Fashion-conscious Men

    Since the start in 2005, the e-commerce company Stayhard has grown with 35-50% per year until 2012, and this without any external financing. A fantastic journey for two young entrepreneurs starting off in a basement. Today, Stayhard have 30 employees. With many important prizes and awards during the years, the vision of becoming Scandinavia’s leading fashion house for men doesn’t seem far away. They also have two stores, one in Gothenburg and one at the head office in the small town of Herrljunga. The company is owned by founder Joakim Naumburg and Ellos Group.


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