Logistik 2015 - Kistamässan, KISTA, 23 - 24 September 2015

Nordic's largest and most business-driven trade show within shipping, transport and logistics!
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Welcome to Logistik Stockholm 2015!

Logistik 2015 gives you the answers of how to develop a successful and profitable logistics chain! The global economy depends increasingly on logistics. This means great opportunities, as well as great risks. No matter what your company produces, interruptions in your supply and distribution chain can cause production or delivery delays and inflate costs. On the other hand, getting your logistics right can give you a huge competitive advantage.

Since it's not always clear which factors will impact your operations, companies simply need to deal with situations as they arise.

Get knowledge and inspiration in order to:

  • improve
  • streamline
  • develop your logistics processes, material flows, warehousing systems, logistics strategies, supply chain management etc.

You’ll meet a variety of suppliers, supplemented with seminars, networking activities, and a large industry party.