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SKAN, founded in 1968, is one of the pioneer companies in the field of cleanroom equipment and isolator design for the global pharmaceutical industry. Innovative products, customer-specific solutions and an efficient service organisation have led SKAN to become a global market leader and important partner for industry and research laboratories.


  • Claire - the new generation of safety cabinets

    Put your trust in a safe bench: Maximum protection and well-being to safeguard your health!
    The cytostatic safety cabinet BERNER FlowSafe® C-[MaxPro]³ has been specially designed fo the production of aseptic parenteral preparations. The modern work equipment focuses on three basic properties for optimal and risk-free working conditions: Personal, product and cross contamination protection. These protective properties have been tested in an elaborate PET- test method (Performance envelope testing) - with exceptional results:

    • Up to four sizes in offer, depending on whether B or C series
    • C-MaxPro 70 especially for oncology practices
    • Optimal ergonomics
    • Stable, segmented table plate
    • GMP compatible documentation
    • With TÜV EN12469 certificates and the 3-filter units additionally with DIN12980 certificate

    BERNER FlowSafe® has the largest proven performance envelope on the market! Tested and accredited by the TÜV NORD CERT, Germany. Type-tested and certified in accordance with DIN 12980:2005 and EN 12469:2000)

  • SKAN UV-360 Room Sanitizer - Advanced Ultraviolet Disinfection

    UV-C “No Touch” Technology Provides Superior Environmental Disinfection

    UV-360 Room Sanitizer Produces Ultraviolet Germicidal Radiation to Kill Microorganisms. UV-C energy alters the DNA of microorganisms preventing them from reproducing and causing them to become non-pathogenic, or incapable of causing disease.

    Designed to:
    Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
    Protect Patients
    Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Skanair® HFCevo - the weighing cabinet protecting operator for handling with active and toxic products

    In the Skanair® HFCevo safety workbench, personnel and the surrounding environment are protected effectively against contamination by the systematic use of filters and an optimized air flow. The bright and transparent working area and ergonomic design provide a comfortable and safe working environment.

    • Large filter surface area, very high filtration capacity
    • Compact design
    • Plug and play system
    • Integrated filters
    • Simple installation
    • LED light
    • Quiet EC fans
    • HMI controller

    • Electrically height-adjustable subframe
    • Independently standing subframe for highly sensitive weighing units (MT version)
    • Ionisation
    • Further options upon request

  • HMC Autoclaves - Highest quality, innovative autoclave technology

    The laboratory autoclave "HMC" is the newest autoclave technology with increased safety for applications in microbiology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutical research and development, environmental and food technology and is available in 3 series as HG, HV (vertical) and HMT (horizontal):

    • HG series: for the highest standards in output and convenience, with automatic locking and opening of the lid, a passive sealing System, integrated rapid cooling and an extremely compact design
    • HV series: tried and tested system with manual locking of the lid, fourfold protected heating system with a very high degree of efficiency, swivelling rollers for mobile use.
    • HMT series: reliable horizontal table unit (with recorder also suitable for a medical practice), easy operation by program selection and automatic program sequencing

    • Straightforward and easy operation
    • Up to 152 litre chamber volume

  • BERNER Personal Protective Equipment - certified protective material

    Whenever chemicals and CMR pharmaceuticals, viruses or biological agents are processed, the user has to be fully protected with protective gloves, protective clothing, breathing equipment and protective goggles.

    BERNER offers certified protective material for many applications in the corresponding categories and for many applications they offer premium class certified protective gloves. Available equipment includes protective overalls, protective gowns, protective overboots, protective overshoes, protective sleeves, protective insulation sleeves, breathing equipment, protective goggles, Spillkit XP, Z+ and cytotoxic wipe sampling sets.

    • Comprehensive documentation, especially for GMP compatible manufacturing of e.g. cytostatics
    • Certificates of sterility for the batches upon request
    • Permeation tests for comparability of the protective functions

  • Life Cycle Partnership

    For every type of change needed - SKAN is there throughout the entire product life cycle

    SKAN offers more than just products, so that customers can feel absolutely secure - from scientific studies right to qualification. Extensive spare parts lists and years of experience mean SKAN specialists can also perform services quickly. The option of entering into specially-tailored service agreements opens up a wide selection of individual service options.

    • Upgrades to keep the system up-to-date
    • Qualification of new loading units, e.g. cycle development / optimisation, microbiological qualification and flow visualisation
    • Relocation of isolators, laboratory systems and entire laboratories (disassembly, transport, assembly) and requalification (IQ/OQ, cycle development, microbiological qualification)
    • Secure disposal of old systems in compliance with official standards

Product news

  • BlueSeries- the most silent safety cabinet on the market!

    Save your brain, concentrate on work

    European Agency for Safety and Health at work has made work related noise one of its main themes. Current Microbiological Safety Cabinets have high noise levels and the
    EN norm settles for under 65 dB(A).
    Noise is undesired and unpleasant for workers. It puts load on brains and can harm physically and mentally.
    High sound level not only affects hearing, stress level and blood pressure but also weakens concentration, creativity and comprehension.
    Kojair has developed whit the new Blue Series a Microbiological Safety Cabinet according to EN12469 with sound levels from 44 dB(A) and low consumption of energy, from 170 W (size 130)

  • SealSafe ® - waste sealing unit

    The waste sealing unit BERNER SealSafe ® is used for the containment and aerosol-tight heat sealing of waste which requires monitoring. BERNER SealSafe ® increases occupational safety in places where particularly hazardous waste is produced.
    Product highlights:
    •Type tested and certified (TÜV-GS-certificate)
    •Aerosol-tight heat sealing of waste
    •For infectious and toxic waste
    •Comprehensive permeation tests (Foil bags) (e.g.: 7 days breakthrough time for carmustin)
    •Increases occupational health and safety
    •Prevents the release of aerosols
    •Safe transport and disposal
    •Mobile and hygienic
    •Stainless steel casing
    •Operation via foot pedal or with hand free Sensor
    •Waste is heat sealed section by section
    •Outstandingly suited to use with cytostatics
    •Foil bag with reliable barrier properties
    •Ideal addition to working with safety cabinets

  • "Manu-N" - A real marathon safety glove!

    The nitrile protective glove "Manu N" was specially developed as PPE (Personal protective equipment) of the highest category III for the safe use of CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics) and for working with biological agents (e.g. fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.).
    The special material composition of these protective gloves is responsible for the unique permeation test results (penetration at a molecular level) obtained with various substances. Even very aggressive substances such as Carmustine or Vincristine are completely stopped by this protective glove for more than 8 hours.
    Tested cytostatics: Carmustine, Cisplatine, Cyclophosphamide, Cytarabin, Daunorubicin, Doxorubicin, Etoposide, 5-FU, Irinotecan, Methotrexate, Mytomycin, Oxaliplatin, Paclitaxel, Thiotepa und Vincristine.
    For a comprehensive list of the permeation results please go to "Downloads".
    As there are no European standards concerning the resistance to viruses, the protective gloves have also been tested to the American standard ASTM F1671; ensuring that for applications in biological laboratories you will also be completely safe.
    In accordance with EN 420, the BERNER Manu N safety gloves are marked with a product-specific print on every glove shaft.

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