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  • ICPMS-2030

    The ICPMS-2030 satisfies these requirements with pptlevel high sensitivity. This is achieved by the newly developed collision cell and the optimized internal structure, offering FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, automated analytical method development function, and unique measurement result evaluation function to provide analytical results with exceptionally high reliability.

  • RF-6000

    The RF-6000 offers the ultimate performance for a diverse range of customers' measurement needs. Wide ... Shimadzu's long history, the Shimadzu spectrofluorophotometer has been reborn as the RF-6000. Combined with ...

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  • MultiNa

    Simplifies Gel Electrophoresis Quick Setup, great results, no gel creation required and automated analysis of up to 108 loaded samples.
    1. High repeatability of predicted size values. 2. High-sensitiv...

  • i-Series

    The i-series, designed for covering conventional to ultra-fast LC applications, consists of the compact HPLC Prominence-i and UHPLC system Nexera-i. High speed analysis, simplified method transfer, minimized environmental impact and easy maintenance are just a few of the many new features of this product range
    Instruments of the i-series will meet or exceed any expectation for robustness and reliability. In addition, new functionalities, such as remote-monitoring with smart devices and the quick-batch-function for quick and easy creation of sequential analyses are added to make the i-series the integrated HPLC system of choice.
    The i-series can be widely utilized in CMC related analyses and confirmation of synthetic compounds including method development/optimization and product QA/QC, dissolution testing of generic drugs and remote-monitoring of manufacturing processes of new drug candidates.

  • Prominence Modular HPLC

    HPLC systems are currently used in a wide variety of fields. Higher reliability in analysis data and higher efficiency in total analysis workflow are required for faster development of new drugs, for better food safety, and for meeting higher standards in environmental regulations. Many analysis techniques use LCMS, which requires a front-end HPLC system to provide solvent delivery performance in the micro to semi-micro range and injectors with low sample carryover. Prominence is a network-ready HPLC system that meets the demands of today’s advanced users. Prominence features the world's first Web control, fastest sample injection, and highest detection sensitivity performance…functions that surpass current HPLC technology.

  • Nexera X2

    Nexera X2 Series

    A full range of configurations to meet your applications needs…

  • Nexera XR

    The Most Accessible UHPLC Available

    Developed with expandability and compatibility in mind, the Nexera XR ultra high performance liquid chromatograph enables more customers to make use of high-speed, high-resolution systems. Configure the optimal system to meet the specific analysis objective by selecting from among a wide range of highly accurate and reliable modules. The next milestone in the evolution of liquid chromatography, the Nexera XR promises to become an indispensable tool in laboratories in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental, and foods.

  • Nexera UC

    The Nexera UC SFE – SFC – MS platform unifies quick and easy on-line sample preparation with state-of-the-art chromatographic analysis and high sensitivity detection. Nexera UC improves your analytical workflow through an unprecedented combination of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) sample preparation with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) analysis. The system enables a wide range of applications from isomers and chiral substances in food or natural products, analysis of biomarkers from dried blood spots and analysis of polymer additives in plastics and packaging.

  • Nexera-e

    The comprehensive 2D-LC methodology is a paradigm shift in liquid chromatography separation analysis. By combining two independent separation modes orthogonally in combination with a dual-loop/dual-valve alternate switching design, the highest possible theoretical plates are achieved for LC chromatography separation. The new Nexera-e enables separation of even the most complex mixtures, providing a new level of knowledge and understanding of sample analytes. This is especially beneficial to the analysis of pharmaceutical impurities, proteolytic digests, food extracts, natural products and synthetic polymers.

  • Nexera Method Scouting

    Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Method Scouting System

  • Easy Parts Lookup

    Consumables Search by “Easy Parts Lookup”

    With the new Easy Parts Lookup you can now easily find the appropriate consumables for your Shimadzu instrument. Those consumables are specified to guarantee the best fit for our instrumentations, doesn´t matter whether you are looking for Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Spectroscopy or TOC instruments.

  • Mobile phase cleaner for HPLC

    Ghost TrapTM DS / Ghost TrapTM DS-HP (for UHPLC)

    A new high-pressure model for the elimination of impurities from organic solvents has been added to the Ghost Trap DS* lineup.
    The Ghost Trap DS* was co-developed with Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. It has been designed to effectively adsorb impurities in the mobile phase in order to reduce the time required for method development and impurity analysis.
    The 100 MPa pressure resistance of the Ghost Trap DS-HP allows it to be used with UHPLC systems. This permits the effective use of the Ghost Trap DS for method development by UHPLC and subsequent transfer to conventional analysis.

    * DS: Abbreviation of Daiichi Sankyo (D) and Shimadzu (S)

  • Vials and Caps (for Liquids)

    1.5 ml Thread Vials (ND 9 wide opening), Micro Inserts for 1.5ml vials (fitting for ND9, ND10, and ND11 vials), 1.5 ml Thread Vials (ND8 small opening), 4.0 ml Thread Vials, 1.5 ml Crimp Vials and Crimp Caps (do not use for SIL-10ADVP)

  • LabTotal Vial

    Are You Losing Precious Samples Because of Your Vials?

    Adsorption of vials affects the accuracy of your analysis results. Some sample vials have low adsorption, but not consistent. Other sample vials even have worse recovery rate of compounds.

  • Columns versatile, ultra fast analysis

    Shim-pack HR-ODS

    The Shim-pack HR-ODS column is capable of higher resolution analysis with conventional HPLC systems. With a packing material particle size of 3 μm, a high theoretical plate number of approximately 30,000 can be achieved with conventional HPLC while minimizing the pressure applied to the column.

    Since existing HPLC equipment can be used, and handling is comparable to a conventional column, the Shim-pack HR-ODS clearly a user-friendly, high-resolution column.

  • Specific Use

    Shim-pack MAqC-ODS I reversed-phase columns are packed with a silica gel containing metal and added octadecylsilyl group. In addition to the hydrophobic characteristics of the ODS, the metal content also provides cation-exchange effects. This increases the retention of basic compounds. Therefore, this allows use with only a buffer solution as the mobile phase for analyses that previously required using an ion pair reagent and enables using gradient elution. These characteristics are especially beneficial for analyzing water soluble vitamins and pharmaceuticals that contain a large amount of basic compounds.

  • Columns for SFC

    When conducting analysis with the Nexera UC supercritical fluid chromatography system, because diffusion of the sample band in the mobile phase is high compared with liquid chromatography, separation behavior changes significantly depending on the types of columns used.
    Shim-pack UC-X series was designed with a variety of stationary phases, making it suitable for analysis of various compounds.

  • Columns for UHPLC

    Shim-pack XR Columns

  • LabSolutions DB

    Secure Data Management with a PC

    LabSolutions DB integrates a data management function with LabSolutions LC/GC and is compliant with the ER/ES Regulations. It is optimally configured for customers using a PC.

  • GCMS-QP2010 SE

    Advanced Standard Model with Benefit of Economy

    The GCMS-QP2010SE is our advanced standard gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. Descended from the GCMS-QP2010S, it combines the benefits of economy, simple operation and enhanced performance. The enhanced maximum column flow enables a variety of columns to be selected. Productivity and sample throughput can be dramatically increased. Ecology mode saves power and carrier gas consumption allowing for a lower cost of ownership and less environmental stress.

  • GCMS-QP2020

    Ultra High Speed GC-MS That Offers a Dramatic Leap in Sensitivity and Productivity

    The importance of high-performance analytical instruments for monitoring microscopic quantities of compounds related to environmental pollution and human health, and for developing and evaluating new, highly functional materials and chemical products continues to grow. The GCMS-QP2020 has been designed to meet these needs. Featuring enhanced instrument functionality, analysis software, databases, and a sample introduction system, the GCMS-QP2020 will help maximize the capabilities of your laboratory.

  • GCMS-TQ8040

    The Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8040 is the first triple quadrupole with Smart Productivity for high efficiency sample throughput, Smart Operation for quick and easy method development, and Smart Performance for low detection limits and Scan/MRM. These 3 smart technologies contribute to Smart MRM, and provide the most accurate, cost effective, and easy-to-use triple quadrupole GCMS you have ever imagined.

  • GC-2010 Plus High-end GC

    Achieves Higher Sensitivity and Improves Productivity

    The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with high repeatability, utilizing detectors such as FID and FPD that feature best-in-class sensitivity.
    In addition, rapid oven cooling and backflush technology shorten analysis time greatly for significant improvements in productivity.

  • MDGC-2010

    The MDGC-2010 System uses the new and innovative technique of Multiple-heart-cutting.
    In contrast to conventional Deans Switch systems the Multiple Heart Cut system shows no retention time shift, even after several cuts in the first dimension. Of course also the retention times in the second dimension show extraordinary stability, as you are used to from using Shimadzu gas Chromatographs.

  • GC-2014

    Versatile standard Capillary and Packed Gas Chromatograph

    Get the high performance of the GC-2010 now also for your routine work. Based on the successful design of the GC-2010, the GC-2014 gives best results for routine analysis for a good price-performance ratio. Whether you work with packed or capillary columns, the GC-2014 provides excellent performance.

  • ChromSquare

    ChromSquare GC/GC is data analysis software for comprehensive gas chromatography (GC/GC). GC/GC analysis uses two different types of columns for higher resolution. This makes it possible to analyze samples with a large number of components that are difficult to identify using regular GC or GC/MS systems, due to overlapping peaks. ChromSquare software enables qualitative and quantitative analysis in a single window. Moreover, the software utilizes MS spectral information to improve the accuracy of data analysis. Furthermore, in addition to being able to load Shimadzu GCMS data, it employs the popular GCMSsolution engine for MS spectral searching, which is especially important for qualitative analysis. This results in easier and more accurate data analysis.

  • Comprehensive GCxGC System

    Comprehensive GC-MS (GCxGC-MS) System is a powerful technique that provides two-dimensional chromatography data acquisition capability.

  • LCMS-2020

    Ultra high-speed mass spectrometer compatible for the first time with ultra high-speed liquid chromatography

    UFLC Quality - Speed is Power.

    High-speed HPLC analysis to improve lab analysis productivity began in 1982 with the Shimadzu LC-5A/FLC column. In 2006, the Prominence UFLC/XR column system achieved ultra high-speeds while ensuring repeatability during continuous multi-sample analysis, in addition to maintaining durability and other forms of data stability. Since general HPLC analysis is insufficient with respect to qualitative capabilities, risks related to overlooking impurities that can obscure peaks remain. Mass spectrometers are effective at minimizing these risks. To date, however, a commercial MS capable of reliably providing the kind of sharp peaks obtained with ultra high-speed LC has not been available.

  • LCMS-8050

    Experience a New Realm of High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Performance

  • Changes EVERYTHING LCMS-8060

    The LCMS-8060 is a ground breaking innovation in mass spectrometry helping to transform LC/MS/MS data quality by developing a new vision of sensitivity and speed.
    Shimadzu is the first mass spectrometry company in the world to deliver a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with the highest sensitivity and ultra-fast technologies to create an innovation that really matters.

  • Noviplex Cards

    Simple, Rapid, Reproducible Collection of Plasma

    Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has partnered with Novilytic Labs to offer a powerful, new technology for the rapid generation of plasma from whole blood.
    NoviplexTM is a simple, powerful tool used to collect a volumetric sample of plasma (2.5 µL) from a non-volumetric application of whole blood in just minutes. An un-measured application of between 20 to 75 µL of whole blood from a finger-stick, mouse tail-bleed (or other source) is all that is required to collect a volumetric plasma sample. Noviplex can be used as a single step, solid-phase method for sample preparation and analyte extraction, eliminating the need for time consuming techniques such as solid phase extraction, centrifugation and evaporation.

  • iMScope TRIO

    Imaging mass spectrometry is a revolutionary new technology.
    The instrument is a combination of an optical microscope which allows the observation of highresolution morphological images, with a mass spectrometer which identifies and visualizes the distribution of specific molecules. Superimposing the two images obtained based on these very different principles,has created a significant new research tool, the imaging mass microscope. The accurate and high resolution mass images from the iMScope will drive your research to the next level. At long last, we have entered the age of imaging mass spectrometry.

  • MALDI-7090TM TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer

    A true multi-user high performance MALDI TOF-TOF Mass Spectrometer

    The MALDI-7090TM is targeted for proteomics and tissue imaging. It combines Shimadzu’s extensive MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometry expertise with novel patented technology to provide ultimate performance in identification and structural characterization of biomolecules.

  • Technical Informations

    This information offers and provides you with technical and support information relating to HPLC, LC-MS and GC-MS like a basic knowledge and tips for daily analysis.

  • AXIMA Confidence

    Taking MALDI-TOF MS Beyond the Standard

  • AXIMA Assurance

    High Performance Mass Detection

    • Linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for reliable mass information.
    • An affordable, robust option for all laboratories requiring routine manual or automated analysis of a wide variety of sample classes.
    • High sensitivity system using a variable repetition rate 50 Hz N2 laser and a variety of target formats to meet all sample throughput requirements.

  • AXIMA Performance

    A highly flexible research grade MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer

    The AXIMA Performance is one of the most powerful tools in mass spectrometry, delivering information-rich spectra with greater sensitivity and higher confidence in identification. It is an extremely versatile and powerful TOF-TOF system, integrating workflows for a diverse range of analytical needs.

  • AXIMA Resonance

    Ultimate MALDI MS and MSn Performance

    Combining the simplicity of MALDI, the power of MSn, and the accuracy and resolution of TOF, the AXIMA Resonance provides researchers a unique solution to the next generation of structural and sequencing challenges. Designed without compromise, the AXIMA Resonance features high mass resolution and mass accuracy across MS and MSn analyses, excellent precursor ion selection, variable energy CID control on the fly, and outstanding sensitivity to ensure confident, high-quality results across a range of applications.

  • LabSolutions CS

    LabSolutions features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data management to ensure secure information in networked laboratories.

  • WizAArd Software

    The "WizAArd" software is much easier to understand and use, with a parameter editing function that enables conditions to be changed rapidly and comprehensive data processing functions.

  • LabSolutions IR

    Network-enabled as part of the LabSolutions family, LabSolutions IR is furnised with rich spectral libraries and a high-performance search functio as standard. Labor-saving macros provide for a higher level of automation and improved work efficiency.

  • SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV

    Solution for optics, semiconductors and FPD applications - Shimadzu UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

    Shimadzu SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV are the top of the line spectrophotometer with high sensitivity, deep UV measurement and a large sample compartment. The SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV respond to the following requirements in optical, semiconductor and FPD applications.

  • ICPE-9800 Series

    ICPE-9800 Series of simultaneous ICP atomic emission spectrometers are next-generation systems that offer the superior accuracy necessary to simultaneously and quickly analyze multiple elements regardless of their concentration levels. They also feature user-friendly software that makes analysis easy. Furthermore, the systems reduce analysis costs while providing the highest performance levels in the industry. ICPE-9800 Series systems represent the ultimate in ICP atomic emission spectrometry for environmental, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metal, and other fields.

  • ICPEsolution Software

    ICPEsolution Software Ensures That Analysis Can Be Started Smoothly

    Start measurements easily by simply clicking icons on the assistant bar in order.

  • EDX-7000/8000

    The Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer EDX-7000/8000 measures the energy (keV) and intensity of the generated fluorescent X-rays to determine the type and content of the elements comprising a sample. It is applied for non-destructive elemental analysis of solid, powder, and liquid samples. It is widely used by electronics and automobile manufacturers around the world.

  • UV-1280

    Designed by the leaders in UV-Visible Spectroscopy for molecular absorption quantitative analysis, the UV-1280 Multipurpose UV-Visible Spectrophotometer offers wavelength scanning from 190-1100nm. This lower-cost, high-quality instrument is ideal for applications ranging from routine environmental and food quality testing to life science analyses.

  • UV-2600, UV-2700

    Experience the Precision Desired, in Any Situation

    The compact UV-2600/2700 is a universal, research grade spectrophotometer that can be used in a wide range of fields, and easily expanded to suit the measurement objective. By using the optional integrating sphere, the measurement wavelength range of the UV-2600 can be extended to the near-infrared region of 1400 nm. The UV-2700 is capable of 8-Abs measurements, and optimal for measuring low transmittance samples. Validation software is provided as standard for both instruments, so equipment performance can be easily checked in daily inspections and when data accuracy becomes a concern.

  • UV-3600 Plus

    Incorporating the latest technology to achieve high sensitivity, high resolution, and an ultra-low stray light level, leading the way to new solutions

  • UVProbe

    VProbe is multifunctional, easy-to-use software supplied as standard with Shimadzu UV-VIS Spectrophotometers. When combined with CLASS-Agent, it provides powerful support for Part 11 compatibility.

  • IRAffinity-1S

    Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

    The Trinias series is equipped with innovative from-the-ground-up designs applying the SCORE, SMART and SMILE philosophy that sets Shimadzu apart:
    The IRAffinity-1S is a compact Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer that is housed within an elegant form. The interferometer is continuously optimized by a dynamic alignment mechanism, and a built-in auto dryer helps ensure ease of maintenance. The IRAffinity-1S offers the high S/N ratio (30,000:1, 1-minute accumulation, neighborhood of 2,100 cm-1, peak-to-peak), a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1, and compact dimensions. Furthermore, the high-performance LabSolutions IR software, which emphasizes operability, and analysis support programs (Contaminant analysis program and Pharma Report program) make it easier to perform data processing and analysis.

  • IRTracer-100

    Featuring improvements in interferometer and detector design, the IRTracer-100 offers high sensitivity with a 60,000:1 S/N ratio. This sensitivity combined with the LabSolutions IR Contaminant Analysis Macro enables easier, quicker and more accurate analysis of small samples.

  • AA-7000

    The AA-7000 series of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers features high-sensitivity analysis, flexible system configuration, and a compact footprint for user-friendly operation. In addition, the AA-7000 systems are the first AAs to employ a vibration sensor as standard. The AA-7000 series ensures efficient and comfortable operation in your laboratory.

  • TOC-L Series (Combustion)

    The TOC-L series of TOC analyzers adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide. While providing an ultra wide range of 4 μg/L to 30,000 mg/L, these analyzers boast a detection limit of 4 μg/L through coordination with NDIR. This is the highest level of detection sensitivity available with the combustion catalytic oxidation method. In addition, the combustion catalytic oxidation method makes it possible to efficiently oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds.

  • TOC-4200

    Highly advanced on-line TOC Analyzer excels in a wide range of applications

    The TOC-4200 is a high-performance on-line TOC analyzer, based on the proven 680°C Catalyst-aided Combustion technology. This established technology is featured in a large installed base of Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzers throughout the world, and has been applied to a broad field of industries.

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