lab innovations Lausanne 2016 - Expo Beaulieu Lausanne, 13 - 14 April 2016

The show for laboratory technologies & services


Lab Innovations Lausanne 2016 offers your company the unique opportunity to target end-users and senior decision makers from leading industrial and research laboratories on an annual basis, in a cost-effective, hassle free way, giving an easily measurable return on investment.



Exhibitor statements

"Here in Lausanne we have the opportunity to meet our customers from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, because it's a long way to Basel and our customers don't always hook up with the contact people that they're used to talking to. Here we meet not only the customers we've been serving regularly but also new ones, whom we can help all the more directly; this works well for us. Our customers are also happy to come meet us at a compact show, which is entirely do-able in one day: they find the atmosphere at labotec very pleasant and friendly."

Marc Cracco, Project Director for Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry & Biotechnology, PanGas AG

"For us as an integral solution provider of building technologies - including for cleanrooms in the lifesciences - it's an interesting challenge to ensure high levels of safety/security and efficiency for ourclients. labotec is - as every year - an interesting show within the life sciences industry, andwe're happy to be part of it. At labotec we witness the exchange of value as reflected by the customerswho visit us here.About 30% of the Swiss pharmaceuticals industry is located in the French-speaking part of the country,almost as many as in the Basel area, just a little more widely spread out. But in the French-speakingpart, the diversity is particularly interesting: it ranges from biotechnology, R&D or even largemanufacturing plants through to niche players, as well as the import and supplier sectors of famouscompanies."

Roberto Fumagalli, Sales & Market Manager Pharma, SIEMENS Schweiz AG, Building Technologies



  • Analytics devices
  • Biotechnology devices
  • Cellular-biology devices
  • Chemistry devices
  • Molecular-biology devices

Cleanroom technoloy

  • Cleanroom garments & cleaning supplies
  • Cleanroom components
  • Cleanroom furniture
  • Cleanroom systems


  • Analyses
  • Cleaning / Disinfection / Decontamination / Sterilisation
  • Controls
  • Marketing services / Market analyses
  • Qualification / Validation / Certification
  • Research & Development
  • Second hand dealers / Rental of equipment
  • Transport & Logistics

Laboratory facilities

  • Laboratory data systems, documentation & software
  • Laboratory planning & laboratory facilities
  • 3D bioprinters

Consumables (Chemicals, Reagents etc)

  • Analytics consumables
  • Biotechnology consumables
  • Cellular-biology consumables
  • Chemistry consumables
  • Sterile consumables
  • General consumables (gloves, pipettes etc)

Training & Recruitment

  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment

Laws & Regulations

  • Legislation
  • Standards

Associations & Media

  • Federations
  • Medias and websites



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