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ImproveIt Oy

ImproveIt Oy

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We are experts in Requirements and Application Lifecycle Management.

Through our long experience we quickly understand the issues our clients are facing and can help them improve their software delivery by combining leading technology solutions and expert services.

We offer leading technology solutions in critical development areas:
* Requirements Development and Management
* Agile Project Management
* Test Management and Automation

Through our partnership with Borland we can offer best-of-breed and cost-efficient technology solutions helping you to better manage and automate these critical processes.


  • Silk Central

    The open test management solution which unifies all test assets into one easy-to-use planning, tracking, reporting and execution hub.

    Silk Central enables you to gain control, collaboration and traceability across all areas of your software testing, whether your methodology is Agile, Traditional or hybrid. Silk Central provides integration of requirements, manual and automated tests, defect tools and your test execution, giving full traceability of the quality of your software testing regardless of role.


  • Silk Mobile

    Silk Mobile provides automated functional mobile testing that replicates end user experience and ensures that your application works as expected.

    Silk Mobile’s testing tools enable you to test real devices and mobile emulators in a way which replicates the real end user experience. Without the need to jailbreak, use real devices and gestures which include drag and drop, zoom, script and multi-touch. Use visual scripting or advanced scripting in your chosen language to closely support your organization’s needs.


  • Silk Performer

    Silk Performer enables you to create powerful, realistic load and stress tests for users across a range of application environments, including the latest web and mobile technologies. This leading load testing solution simulates peak-loads of any size from multiple geographies without you having to invest in load and stress testing hardware and setup. Finding problems early in the release cycle enables you to correct issues before they reach your end-users, reducing project cycle time and development costs.


  • Borland Atlas

    Atlas is a collaborative, flexible, agile requirements & delivery platform.

    It eliminates the confusion between business teams and Agile teams, to help you gain the maximum value from your delivery teams. Atlas creates a collaborative and responsive software delivery life-cycle with real-time delivery status across all Agile teams and tools. Atlas enables product teams to constantly stay in sync with agile teams so that organizations can better respond to the pressures from today's market demands.

    Bridge the gap between teams
    The traditional method of documenting requirements has created a gap between business requirements and delivery teams. Atlas bridges this gap with its visual, incremental, and versioned approach to requirements, while pulling real-time status information from your favorite Agile delivery tool.

    Improves collaboration between teams and speeds-up the iterative requirements process through effective communication and collaboration between all stakeholders and delivery teams.


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