Packaging Innovations Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 05 - 06 October 2016

The exclusive event for branded & inspirational packaging


The Packaging Development section at ÅF brings together ÅF’s expertise in industry focused Packaging Development.

We can provide expert knowledge from design and development to validation of packaging concepts.

ÅF assists you whether you aim to be in the forefront of packaging development with sustainable packaging solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow or if you aim for more traditional cost efficient packaging concepts.

Do you have an INDEPENDENT packaging partner?

- Come and talk to us, and we will listen to your challenges and tell you more about our possibilities!

ÅF can offer you:
- To manage entire packaging projects
- to be your packaging department, when you need it
- fill resource needs with experienced on-site consultants
- experienced process- or project leaders
- a source of inspiration
- a discussion partner in development projects
- skilled specialists
- inspiring and interactive lectures or workshops

Good packaging supports YOUR brand,
ÅF supports YOU

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