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ISOFOM s.r.l.

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In the industry dealing with polyethylene and polyurethane foam for packaging and insulation, Isofom has asserted its presence with its significant contribution to the development of plastc processing. Founded in Pesaro (Italy) in 1984 by Augusto Bezziccheri as a producer of Thermohydraulic and Refrigeration materials, Isofom is now dealing with a wide range of products for its three devisions: packaging, pipes insulation, thermo-acoustic insulation for building industry.
The willingness to be always one step ahead of the market request and the focus to Customer's satisfaction among constant technological research, pushes Isofom to make continuous Investments. The latest one as been made in year 2014 for a new line of monoextruded materials.
It all takes Isofom to be recognized as one of the leaders in the Italian and European markets.



    MULTIFOAM is the laminated non-crosslinked polyethylene foam sheet produced by Isofom Srl.
    Due to its characteristic resilience, Multifoam is the ideal product for all those packaging applications that requires “cushioning protection” against repeated shocks.
    Available in thicknesses ranging from 10 mm up to 120 mm and in different densities.
    It can be provided, by using special additives, in black (conductive) and pink (antistatic) colors.


    ET-PLANK is the monoextruded non-crosslinked polyethylene foam planks produced by Isofom Srl.
    Thanks to its special closed-cell structure, obtained by a specific manufacturing process, ET-Plank is the ideal product for all those applications requiring shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening and cushioning protection especially for heavy goods.
    Available in 50 and/or 100 mm thickness according to the density which varies from 220 Pcf (35 kg/m3) to 900 Pcf (150 kg/m3).
    It can be provided, by using special additives, in black (conductive) and pink (antistatic) colors.

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