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DS Smith Packaging Consumer

DS Smith Packaging Consumer

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Our range of luxury packaging ensures to our customers the value of their brands and products while ensuring their protection. The expertise of our staff and the performance of our facilities allow us to offer our customers solutions with high added values. Our Creativ'print department brings to life your ideas thanks to its unique expertise in the creation of textures and visual effects that can be applied to industrial supports. Our Impression Premiere studio produces prototypes to the same high quality standards as the packaging produced in our factories. We offer a wide range of packaging such as inserts, boxes,SRP, etc. using compact and corrugated cardboard, offering various printing technologies (offset, flexo, digital, screen printing) and finishing techniques (varnish, lamination, hot stamping, embossing, painting slice, etc.).


  • Limited Edition: Tarlogan

    - The 3rd release in Glenmorangie’s travel-retail exclusive Legends Collection
    - Launched in April 2016 with limited distribution in Travel Retail
    - 50 000 to 100 000 units produced in Rochechouart

    Technical characteristics:
    - Protects a 70cl high quality bottle, using laminated board to board with double glue cover and seam
    - Printed on a metallized paper: gives brightness and adds deep green interlacings
    - Two different hot stamping: white & gold
    - Embossing and debossing
    The signet delivers a high quality precision finish within extremely tight manufacturing tolerances

    Client’s benefits:
    - The pack reflects light to catch the eye on the shelf
    - To add value to the brand, intricate finishing touches have been added to the pack to enhance the luxury loom and feel of the pack
    Main challenge: adding 2 different foils, embossing and debossing simultaneously, avoiding scratches in a context of high-speed mechanization (10 000 packs per hour)

  • Givenchy – 2016 Mother’s day

    A number of promotional boxes intended to welcome a toilet bag, with a beauty care and a fragrance of the Givenchy Collection.
    Approx. 140 000 boxes have been produced.

    Technical characteristics:
    - Nano corrugated cardboard: ensures rigidity and a maximal protection of products
    - Right size: no insert
    - Combination of slight embossing and hot foil: to create ribbons effects
    - Alternative graining between ribbons: applied to the cardboard in order to recreate a creative paper aspect
    - A curved silver foil to highlight the “Givenchy” logo
    - 14 personalized packaging with 8 different shades of ribbons

    Clients’ benefits:
    - Simplified handlings/filling methods thanks to the right size of the packaging
    - A unique combination of French-style elegance and spontaneity

  • James – Hennessy

    Launched in autumn 2015 with limited distribution in Travel Retail (International airports)

    Technical characteristics:
    - Protect a Prestige bottle of Cognac, using laminated board
    - The front is offset UV printed: the composition of colors (grey shades) is realized with a variety of metallic pigments to obtain bronze reflections
    - Alternative graining and embossing: outlines all the graphic elements
    - ‘curved’ hot foil to enhance the Hennessy’s brand
    - Pivotable cover to switch the box into a counter display
    - Small tongue to close the box and to bring a final touch of elegance

    Client’s benefits:
    Both the design and the finishes of the box enhance the product:
    - The oblique shape of the box and the window, cut on the lid and the bottom of the box, reveals the amber colour of the Cognac.
    - The finishes of the box create a decoration that outline the modern design of the flask
    - This box is both a protective packaging and a counter display

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