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ECKART is a leading global manufacturer of metallic and pearlescent pigment. Based in Hartenstein, Germany, and with approximately 1,800 employees to date worldwide, the company develops, produces and sells metallic and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks.
ECKART is currently represented in over 70 countries. The company is a member of ALTANA AG.

As an international supplier to the graphic arts industry ECKART products ensure optical highlights. Whatever process you choose - whether dusting, paper coating, offset, rotogravure, flexographic or screen printing - ECKART has a brilliant solution for every requirement - a solution that is eye-catching, enhances product value and has good advertising impact.
Our product range for various applications in the graphic arts market covers:

• Metal pigments in powder, paste and dust-free pellet form
• Metallic concentrates and dispersions
• Metallic inks
• Pearlescent pigments and pastes
• Pearlescent inks


  • illoom. Exclusive design effects by ECKART.

    illoom is an exclusive product and service portfolio by ECKART, enabling the effective refining of substrates for all printing processes. illoom creates real added value through unique solutions and tools, focusing on the requirements of designers and agencies. illoom supports the efficient realization of brilliant and creative ideas. Your project will undergo a visible transformation through the use of metallic and pearlescent effect pigments.

  • EDELSTEIN: highest chroma for brilliant designs

    ECKART is presenting EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange, which enriches the newly introduced EDELSTEIN portfolio by the highest chroma in the orange space available on the worldwide market so far. The EDELSTEIN synthetic pearlescent pigments are based on premium layered silicates and on innovative, patented coating technology. Both EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange and the existing EDELSTEIN Ruby Red shade combine strong color intensity with excellent chemical and shear stability.

  • Brilliant effects for safe food packaging – the ECKART FPG series

    The food-safe metallic printing inks of the FPG series are available in four different colours: rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold and silver. They set pioneering standards for the aesthetic design of food packaging.
    Carefully selected raw materials form the basis of our FPG inks. Cutting-edge analysis and comprehensive quality assurance under GMP conditions accompany every step of the production process. Before dispatch, inspections are carried out to ensure that the product complies with all applicable threshold values. The result is a low-migration, single-component printing ink range that is tasteless, odour-free and ensures absolutely no food contamination.
    Key requirements and services:
    • Formulation in accordance with legislation and EuPIA Guideline
    • Careful raw material selection (Chemical identity, migration potential, impurities)
    • Analytic control of raw materials and final products
    • Dedicated production equipment / production instructions & processes
    • Risk assessment of production process (FMEA)
    • Training of personnel
    • Clear communication of specification to our customers
    • Providing essential information along the supply chain

  • ULTRASTAR FX-1604 - best mirror effect for flexo printing

    ULTRASTAR printing inks allow real mirror effects. They are a real alternative to foil stamping or metallization. ULTRASTAR FX-1604 shows the best mirror effect for flexo printing.


    With the pearlescent pigments from our product categories LUXAN and SYMIC you can achieve outstanding effects. Their transparency and extremely pure color shades open up endless possibilities for creative applications. LUXAN and SYMIC are also fascinating designers and could be used in many different ways for creative art work.
    LUXAN is based on synthetically produced glass whereas SYMIC is based on synthetically produced mica. Thin flakes of these two raw materials become unique pearlescent pigments by means of our high-end coatings and classifying technologies. The effect varies from silky gloss to glittering sparkle depending on the particle size of the pigment. Both product categories impress with their brilliant optical characteristics when compared to conventional pearlescent pigments.

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