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Södra Cell

Södra Cell

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In Södra’s world everything starts with the forest. The forest provides our constant supply of raw materials and is the essential requirement for Södra’s many different operations. More than 50,000 forest owners in southern Sweden are members of the economic association that is Södra. They own just over half of all privately owned forest in the area, as well as a group of companies that are successful in both Swedish and international markets.


  • Durapulp by Södra

    Durapulp is a bio-composite, a mixture of cellulose pulp and the biopolymer polylactic acid (PLA). In its raw state, the composite already makes a great sheet of paper. But when heated and pressed, DuraPulp undergoes a transformation. Depending on how it is processed, DuraPulp takes on a strength and durability more akin to steel or plastic.

Product news

  • Commercial journey continues for Durapulp

    Södra is now taking further steps to commercialise the composite material Durapulp. A project to construct a dry-process machine has commenced, financed through a grant of EUR 2.1 million from the EU's LIFE funding programme.

    The material in Durapulp has properties that require special handling during the moulding process. The current method is wet-moulding, but to meet customer requests, Södra is now investing in a machine that can dry-mould the material.

    "To be specific, this is a more efficient production process because it uses less water and less energy. The wet-mould method we are using today takes about two minutes, while dry-moulding takes two seconds. This technology will enable us to demonstrate products for high-volume markets, such as electronics and consumer packaging," says Urban Blomster, business developer at Södra.

    The first stage of the project was to procure external resources for the construction of the machine, with former partner, SWT Development in Varberg, Sweden, being selected for the assignment.

    The machine is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2016.

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