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Tinware Direct Limited

Tinware Direct Limited

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MK443QS Wilden, Bedford

Great looking packaging is important in ensuring your brand and product connects with consumers on the shelf.

From development to delivery, our team of experts are on hand to deliver outstanding service and high quality packaging at a competitive price. Bespoke tin designs are original and eye-catching and bring vibrancy and individuality to every brand we work with.

With a client list of global brands including Harrods, Pedigree, Tetley, Nintendo and Fortnum & Masons, you can rest assured that our quality and service is second-to-none!

- Customisable packaging solutions developed around your brand
- A fully comprehensive service taking your product from concept to delivery
- Create any shape, size or design
- Choose from a range of off the shelf packaging available for next day dispatch or create a custom tin based on your brand goals and designed around your product
- Get support from our team of industry specialist on hand to help and advise you
- Sustainably and ethically sourced materials
- Only food safe lacquers and inks used on all our tins making them safe for a variety of uses from food to cosmetics
- Our accreditations and certifications include: ISO9001, SEDEX, MPMA, BRC, FDA and many more. Talk to our advisors for full details on accreditations and certification required

Perfect product? We’ve got a tin for that!

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  • Bespoke Tin Brochure

    Bespoke tin designs are original and eye-catching and bring vibrancy and individuality to every brand we work with. Create any shape, size or design to suit your product.

    With a client list of global brands including Harrods, Pedigree, Tetley, Nintendo and Fortnum & Masons, you can rest assured that our quality and service is second-to-none!

    Start your project today! Download our brochure or call +44 (0)1234 77 2001

  • Ready-Made Catalogue

    We hold a wide range of ready-made tins in stock ready for next day dispatch.

    Available in low order quantities and competitively priced, these stock tins offer great value for money, are food safe and are easily personalised via a label or print.

    Get in touch today to order your tins! Download our brochure or call +44 (0)1234 77 2001

  • Your Gift Basket Catalogue

    Your Gift Basket delivers high quality retail and wholesale baskets at competitive prices with next day delivery available. We also offer a range of finishing touches including bows, cellophane bags and gift cards for you to customise your baskets.

    Find your perfect gift packaging today! Download our brochure or call +44 (0)1234 880 310

  • Pressitin™

    Our innovative and patented concept: Pressitin™

    These silver tins are ideal for holding everything from gifts to nuts and pills to boxer shorts, but more commonly confectionery. This tin is sealed using bare hands and is then opened from the top using a ring pull mechanism, giving the product a unique novelty value. Other popular uses for the Pressitin™ include marketing campaigns and limited edition products.

    The Pressitin™ is coated in a food safe lacquer. Please note, it is not recommended for use with tobacco, pressurised or liquid fillings - we have other options available to accommodate these.

Product news

  • Packaging: The Visual Identity of the Brand

    Packaging is often thought of as the visual identity of the brand. It’s what differentiates one brand from another. It helps a brand and product stand out and projects not only the quality of the product but also the brand values of a company.

    There are three major aspects to consider when thinking about the visual impact of packaging:

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  • Sustainable Packaging and Its Influence on Driving Purchase

    How does sustainability influence customer purchase?

    According to a recent global survey by Nielsen 66% of people are willing to pay more money for socially responsible and sustainable products. Around 41% of those surveyed also stated that the environmental impact of packaging played a key role in their decision to buy a product and judge its sustainability.

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  • Are You Influencing Consumer Behaviour with the Colour of Your Packaging?

    Brands use colour associations to establish recognition among competitors in a sea of products.

    But psychologists and marketing professionals have also linked a strong connection between colour associations against consumer buying behaviour and the message they interpret from the brand. When using colour correctly, it could noticeably boost sales and maintain a consistent brand image. But when used incorrectly, you could hinder the product’s success.

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  • Tinware Direct Reveals New Brand Identity

    Bedford based tin box packaging supplier, Tinware Direct revealed its new brand identity on Tuesday February 24th 2016 at the prestigious Packaging Innovations exhibition as part of a larger brand relaunch.

    The successful Tinware Direct brand name remains the same but has been modernised to reflect the company’s core values.

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    Bedford based tin box packaging supplier, Tinware Direct has achieved the internationally recognised ISO9001, establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

    This independent assessment was conducted by the leading Certification Body, the British Assessment Bureau and demonstrates Tinware Direct’s commitment to customer service and quality in delivery.

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    Have you ever wanted the ultimate tamper-evident solution for your product - that only a sealed tin can provide - but you don’t have the means to seal a tin? And you do not have access to the empty tin cans anyway?
    Well now you can can. Yes, you can buy open tins – baked bean size, off the shelf. You can buy the special press in closures and off you go. The product name is PRESSITIN and they are available now. Whether it is a few dozen tins or many thousands you can purchase the tins from Tinware Direct and you are in the tin business.
    You can use the tins for packing almost anything: from boxer shorts to a box of chocolates; from drugs to poisons; from a bottle of whiskey to a bottle of perfume; from a cuddly toy to a high explosive. They can all be safely and securely stored in a tin. “The uses are endless” said inventor Guy Grumbridge “What people like is that it looks like a normal tin can, complete with a standard aluminium ring-pull opening.
    The cans are only available from Tinware Direct Limited and are stocked at their Bedford warehouse for distribution worldwide.
    Visit Tinware Direct on Stand C28 at this Februarys Packaging Innovations Show.

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    For further information contact Guy Grumbridge on 01 234 772001 email:

  • Pressitin™

    On the 25th July 2012 the Intellectual Property Office granted a patent for the amazing invention of the manual sealing tin can. It is 5 years since inventor Guy Grumbridge hit on the idea of sealing a can with a simple but ingenious push-on closure.

    In the past cans have all been closed with a cumbersome and expensive seaming machine that literally spun the can and bent the closing end over the tin to form the conventional tin can end. At last, this can now be done by hand in one simple movement.

    Owners of the patent, Tinware Direct Limited, have been in business since 2001. “The lack of can closing machinery meant that most companies were unable to use tin cans for packaging their products, now any one can seal a tin – no skill, no machines, no bother” said Tinware’s MD Guy Grumbridge.

    The product is called PRESSITIN and you can see it for yourself on our stand.

    For further information call +44 (0)1234 77 2001 or email

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