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CC Pack AB

CC Pack AB

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54321 TIBRO

CC Pack manufactures packaging mainly for the European food industry. In fact, we are the volume leader in pressed board trays. Our job is to provide good food with good packaging and it’s a task that is in rapid change as behaviour and attitudes to consuming food is constantly changing. Our promise is ”Thinking fresh” and it covers all aspects of what we do - from ideas and solutions, to production and processes and all the way to the environmental impacts we and our products have on the world around us.

We are a member of AR Packaging, which gives us the advantages of being part of a group of companies with vast experiences and resources. But we hold on to our background as a small company and are just as passionate and personal as we have always been.


  • CC Board

    Our CC Board is a series of pressformed paperboard trays mainly for frozen- and foodservice food applications. Round, square, deep or shallow - we adapt the trays to the product and market needs. The trays are mainly made of renewable material that is handled well in most recycling systems in Europe.

    CC Board allows cooking conventional- and microwave oven and can be printed externally. Many of the larger retailers welcomes the reduction in weight of packages and recyclability. Sealing a board lid on the printed boardtray is a good example of weight reduction and just changing from other material to board makes the packaging more renewable and better handled in most recycling systems.

    For snacks and fast food packaging can be designed in user friendly forms.

    Our technology allows us to use special colored laminates and printed films. We also handle susceptor and aluminum patterned laminate which enables crisping of the product and even heating. Our paperboard trays are increasingly replacing plastic packaging. They bring not only recyclability but also improves logistics and printability of the packaging.

    - Printable, allows for the removal of the outer carton and reduces packaging overall
    - High strength
    - 90% of the material comes from renewable resources
    - Possible with susceptor material
    - Suitable from freezer to table via the oven (-40° C to +220° C in the conventional oven and also microwave)
    - It is possible to use colored film inside
    - Shock-resistant, no risk of sharp shards if the packaging is bumped in production or during transport


  • CC Alu

    Aluminum is particularly suitable for food to be cooked in conventional oven or in some conditions small portions to be heated in a microwave. Aluminum can be recycled many times at a low energy cost. CC Pack has more then 30 years experience in aluminum containers and production is modern and lean. 100 percent of aluminum residues arising from the production are recycled. CC Alu is available as food, bakery, takeaway and smooth wall foodtrays.

    - Will cope with large temperature differences (from the freezer to the grill)
    - Good gas tightness, suitable for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).
    - Can be coloured
    - Ideal for recovery
    - Low weight / high stability
    - Traditional oven / Microwave


  • Our products

    In serving a large part of Europe with packaging and trays, mostly for food, comes responsibility and a need for high capability. With commitment and creative thinking we’ve developed a wide range of products that meet and exceed all existing standards as well as far reaching demands from our customers. Our plant and production in Tibro is hygiene and quality certified according to BRC-IoP.


Product news

  • Plant-a-tree-day at CC Pack provides more renewable packagings!

    On the 14th of September, AR Packaging and Stora Enso arranged a “Plant-a-tree-day” – an event in the signs of nature and environment where the purpose was so contribute to a more responsible consumption of natural resources. 20 specially invited brand owners were gathered on Wednesday to start the project of plating a total of 6000 birch trees in what will become the tray forest – a 3 hectare area near the CC Pack plant in Tibro. During the event, AR Packaging, CC Pack and Stora Enso presented their businesses and highlighted how trees contribute to the natural environment and explained why fibre-based and recyclable packaging is the environmentally best way to go. The initiators to the event was the CEO of CC Pack, Christoffer Olbrich, and the plant manager Andreas Carlsson. “The environmental perspective is what drives our innovation and development. Regardless of whether it is about our products or processes, we always strive to make more of less. To plant trees on our land is yet another example of what we do to become a carbon neutral business” said Christoffer Olbrich. Representatives from a number of leading brand owners from the food industry in the Nordics, France and Tibro was on site to plant trees and learn about recyclable packaging.

    CC Pack currently has 40 employees and 60 percent of the production of molded trays are exported to 17 countries. A vast majority of its customers are large, well-known brands such as Dafgård, Scan, McDonald’s, Kronfågel and Findus.


  • AR Packaging wins two Pro Carton ECMA Awards!

    For the second year in a row, we are proud to announce that AR Packaging has been awarded Pro Carton ECMA awards, one of Europe’s most prestigious packaging awards for outstanding carton packagings. Two Pro Carton Awards 2016 confirms the strong dedication to packaging innovation in the group.


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