Empack Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 05 - 06 October 2016

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Olitec Packaging K/S

Olitec Packaging K/S

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Olitec Packaging Solutions A/S supplies specialist packaging for the European market. The company was established in 1993, is financially sound and experiencing solid growth.
Our product range includes standard and customised packaging for production, storage and transport, mainly in clean, strong and hygienic plastic materials.
The correct packaging can save time and cost and provide increased production and safety.
In a globalized world the demand for transport by air, rail and ship is bigger than ever and, therefore, also the need for the right packaging. The right packaging reduces claims and improves the company image.
Olitec develops and markets products made of environment friendly materials, such as PP and PE plastic, which only discharge carbon dioxide and water when incinerated. We offer disposal of all our plastic packaging products when they expire, as a natural part of our environment policy.
Our goal is to help our customers with the best logistic solution.


  • BigBag Divider

    A new plastic pallet specially designed to make it easier, faster and more cost-effective to work with small and medium sized big bags. With the BigBag Divider, it is easier than ever to stack and separate big bags and super sacks, without damaging them.
    The BigBag Divider has a special tunnel opening, which protects big bags and super sacks from being damaged by forklift tines. The pallets serve as a reliable carrier for transport on roller conveyors, and can be stacked for storage and during transport, which makes them very space-saving.
    The low weight of the pallets makes it possible to handle them manually, but they still have a high load capacity on up to 1500-2500 kg. The BigBag Divider is available in both HDPE-, and PO-plast.

Product news

  • New BigBag Divider makes it easier and smarter to work with big bags

    At Empack 2016, Olitec Packaging K/S will be presenting a brand new plastic pallet, which creates new opportunities for easy and effective transportation and storing of small and medium sized big bags. The plastic pallet is uniquely designed for this with for instance a special tunnel opening, which protects the bags from being damaged by the forklift tines. The pallets can be used on all roller conveyors, and when empty, they can be stacked inside each other, so that space is saved.
    “As with plastic pallets in general, the BigBag Dividers are so light, that they can easily be handled manually, and at the same time they still have a high loading capacity at 15-2500 kilos. Furthermore you avoid damages from seams and splinters as you see from wooden pallets”, says market manager Ditte Vind Nielsen from Olitec.
    Olitec Packaging K/S are specialised in plastic packaging for especially the food-, pharmaceutical and metal industry. Olitec offers packaging solutions for use during storage, production and transportation. The Thorpal BigBag Divider and other products will be presented at D:18 at Empack 2016 Stockholm.

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