Empack Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 05 - 06 October 2016

The future of packaging technology

Norvita Nordic Ltd.

Norvita Nordic Ltd.

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NORVITA is a manufacturer and supplier of packaging machinery and systems. With our unique web of contacs in Italy, we are able to source the equipment YOU need from the best italian manufacturers - and supply to the Scandinavian market.

Based on our expertise in shrinkwrapping, we design machine concepts that are the fore-runners of this industry. Starting with the SBM-500 automatic side-sealer with it's perfect ultra-sonic sealing system, which others since have strived to copy, we now proudly announce a new FIRST for the EMPACK in Stockholm: The GPM-640.
A very compact, economic, flexible, easy to use L-sealer which bridges the gap between semi- and fully- in automatic L-sealers.



    We create our own machine concepts - design by Scandinavia - and manufacture the machines in Italy - made in italy.
    The SBM-500 is our flag carrier . a fully automatic side-sealer equipped with an exeptionally good ultra-sonic side-sealing system. We have tested this concept upt to speeds of 90m/min, but as with any sports car worth it's salt, the speed is limited to 40m/min.
    Which makes the SBM-500 comfortably doing 50 PPM....depending on the product and the film quality, naturally.

    The SSE is a more economic and verssatile machine concept, also available as an intermittent machine model. Still, it keeps the main characteristics and is rugged, flexible and normally supplied with the ultra-sonic side-seal(even if a more traditional heat-seal is available).
    The SSE is a modular and space-saving design available up to 1500mm sealing width.

    The Stockholm EMPACK 2016 marks the introduction of the GPM-640 L-sealer. This is a new L-sealer concept with clever new solutions(at the moment we are seeking ot protect eveything by patent!to give the customer exactly what he need: ECONOMY(= low investment but a healthy capacity, low running costs) and EASE OF OPERATION(...it is incredibly easy to operate!).
    We add FLEXIBILITY, as the GPM-640 probably can be used to wrap almost anything within it's physical boundaries og 600x400mm sealing frame.
    Welcome to EMPACK 2016 - and we'll unveil it for you!


    We offer any size flow-wrapper, from the table-top model to the 800mm film width giants. Even if mechanical models are still available, the majority of customers prefer the servo-controlled machines that are so much more flexible and easy to adjust.


    Thermoforming systems and tray sealing machines for use in the medical, food and industrial sectors.

  • Product handling and logistics

    FANGAREZZI manufatures product handling and logistics' systems, from the free-standing roller or belt convweyor to a complete, automated wareshouse. World-wide customers include TNT and DHL.
    Based on your need, we design and supply exactly what is required. Naturally, if your problem is truly unique, we create a solution for it.

  • Fill and seal paper bags

    NEW PROJECT is the one to solve your problems - when you need to wrap your product in paper bags. We supply fully automatic, compact filling and wrapping systems, that are compact and reliable.

  • VR88

    MESSERSI are probably the best known high-quality manufacturer of in-line strapping systems and PP/PET strap, in the world. They can supply complete pallet handling lines and systems including stretch film wrappers and pallet shrink systems.

  • PT42C

    TI-EMME fully automatic palletizing systems, which include the very popular PT42C, may be used with any kind of product - boxes, barrels, sacks, bags, panels etc. etc. - as we tailor the product gripping head to the your product and task you need solved.

Product news

  • GPM-640

    Brand new machine concept in shrinkwrapping. Ultra-compact, fast, flexible, very affordable. Unlike anything you have tried before. To be unveiled at EMPACK 2016 in Stockholm.

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