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Ehcolo A/S

Ehcolo A/S

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Fully automatic packing lines

Ehcolo A/S is specialized in designing and manufacturing different types of palletizers with the best technical and economical solutions for all the industries that uses and needs automatic bag and box handling.

About Ehcolo and its palletizer solutions

Ehcolo A/S was founded 1987, and is majority owned by Hans Andersen, CEO. The company is known for its innovation and machines for their high state of technology and good quality, which may be maintained because of good employees with high skills and high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

Ehcolo has always tried to make its machines as fully automatic as possible and yet simple, so that it is easy for operators to understand and maintain and most important, that downtime is reduced to almost 0, has with quality to do, and here we offer as standard two years warranty on all parts, cannot be done without quality materials.

Ehcolo palletisers have servo control on almost all motors, and all braking energy is recovered and re-used, so far Ehcolo is the only palletizer supplier with those features.


  • Palletizer

    We manufacture and supply a very comprehensive program of palletisers and ancillary equipment. Whatever your needs, we can offer you the right solution.

    We manufacture and supply a very comprehensive program of palletizers. Whatever your needs, we can offer you the right solution.

    Our palletisers capacity ranges from 0-2500 units per hour, and as the only palletizing manufacturer, we have developed a technology, that saves energy, when motors in the palletizer brakes, which they do often, as this is natural for a palletiser. This energy is re-used by other running motors. This saves energy by up to 20% in favor of both environment and economy.

    If you do not find the palletiser you are looking for, please contact us, as we are also selling tailormade solutions. Please use the contact form on the right side or call us direct or send an E-mail.


  • Robotic palletizer

    Are you looking for a robotic palletizer, we have several in our line of products, including one that comes with a toolchanger and can palletize both boxes and bags.


  • Bagging machines

    Before our palletizers we can supply the bagging machine you require.

    Automatic bagging machine
    See also www.payper.com for a comprehensive program for automatic bagging machines, like valve bagging machines, open mouth bagging machines, tubular FFS bagging machines and also Big-Bag stations.

    PAYPER is specialised in bagging systems for bulk solids, powders and granules serving in particular the Chemical, Food, feed, Construction and Minerals industries. PAYPER develops and supply turn-key solutions for each application using a wide range of proven machines. Experience of more than 3000 machines installed and running worlwide. If you want a single machine, you can of course buy direct by PAYPER, or if you want a complete packing line, we can quote you this inclusive of the bagging machine and you will not pay more. We have many references.

    See also www.vollenda.de, who is spezialized in bagging heavy flowing products/powders, but also has a full range of Automatic bagging machines and Big-Bag filling stations.

    See also www.t2maschinenbau.de, T2 is manufacturing a top quality high capacity flat film FFS automatic bagging machine, which as one of the only have continuously moving film and servomotors. Many people say “a T2” instead of a “FFS bagging machine” that is as famous this machine is, and for a good reason. If you want a single machine, you can of course buy direct from T2, or if you want a complete packing line, we can quote you this inclusive of the bagging machine and you will not pay more. We have many references.

    Fill out the form or call us direct or send an E-mail.


  • Hood stretchers

    I forbindelse med vores forskellige palleteringsanlæg, leverer vi også hættestrækanlæg.

    In connection with our palletizer we supply hood stretchers, which have same high quality as our palletizers. Our hood stretchers is produced by www.lachenmeier.com. Visit their site for more information.


  • Stretch wrappers

    To complement our palletizers, we can also supply fully automatic stretch wrappers..

    In connection with our palletizers we can supply the suitable stretch wrapper, which have same high quality as our palletizers.

    Our stretch wrappers are produced by www.unitechpackaging.eu

    UNITECH designs and manufactures stretch machines and fully automated lines for wrapping and conveying of palletized loads. Unitech supply stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and plastic net wrapping systems. Experience of over 15 years, state-of-the-art technology and a dynamic technical team enabling to provide innovative and successful solutions to satisfy the diverse and wide range of your needs.


  • Container loading and unloading

    Ehcolo has many years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying bulk container loaders and also bulk container unloading systems. Ehcolo have also systems for loading bags in ship containers without pallets.


  • Ancillary equipment

    We can supply any ancillary equipment, needed before and after our palletizer. See standard list below, or contact us if you have specific requirements.

    Belt conveyors
    Curve belt conveyors
    Curve roller conveyors
    Bag turners for standing bags
    Bag turners for laying bags
    Bag kickers
    Flattening belt conveyors for light products
    Flattening belt conveyors for heavy products
    Square roller bag straightening conveyors
    Circular roller straightening conveyors
    Glue systems
    Leak detector
    Metal detector
    Product dimension control detector
    Slip-sheet dispenser, single sheet
    Protective sheet dispenser, single sheet or from roll
    Intermediate sheet dispenser from roll
    Pallet magazine/dispenser
    Built-in strapper boxes (PM 800).

    Pallet roller conveyor system
    Pallet turning unit
    Pallet chain conveyor, 2, 3 or 5 lane
    Pallet transfer cart systems
    Stretch wrapper
    Hood stretching plant
    Shrink wrapping plant


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