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CA Mätsystem AB

CA Mätsystem AB

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CA Mätsystem AB is the Swedish distributer for Mecmesin, A leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque test equipment for over 35 years, Mecmesin offers precision test instruments and systems that are accurate, reliable and excellent value for money. We provide a tailor-made service creating the ideal testing platform, which is robust, easy-to-operate and gives top-level performance time after time!

CA Mätsystem calibration laboratory are accredited in Force and Torque calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025

Product news

  • Nip Pinch Roller Pressure Measurement

    Nip Pinch Roller Pressure Measurement, Capture and measure nip pressure distribution with pressure mapping. Nip Pinch Machine Setup, Roller Alignment, and Pressure Distribution. Tekscan tactile pressure sensors are excellent tools for measuring nip profiles, force or pressure variations along a roll axis. The software measures and displays in real-time the static forces in a pinch roll nip. For many large machines, nip contact is adjusted by setting hydraulic pressure at contact units located on the ends of the rollers. In the absence of measurements, the relationship between hydraulic pressure and nip force is assumed to be linear. Drag in the linkage and other sources of hysteresis are not quantified.

    Tekscan sensors measure nip force and width at locations along the axis at various hydraulic pressures providing real-time feedback on a PC. The detection of crowning and differences in pressures and contact width along the length of the roll can be documented. These measurements improve costs by reducing machine set-up time, down time and product scrap.

    Tekscan’s patented, thin-film, pressure sensors are available in different shapes and pressure ranges, are reusable, and provide accurate pressure data.


  • FPT-H1 Horizontal Dedicated Friction, Peel and Tear Tester

    Mecmesin announces new friction, peel and tear tester
    Leading testing instruments manufacturer Mecmesin has introduced its latest model, the FPT-H1 horizontal friction peel and tear tester. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, the FPT-H1 is supplied pre-programmed for all the main industry standard friction-testing methods for plastic films, paper and board. With programs and fixtures also for peel and tear testing, it is ideally suited to the packaging industry, and for manufacturers, converters and users of sheet materials.
    In the dynamic environment of sheet and web-fed machinery, quick and accurate measurement of the coefficients of friction is vital.
    For quality testing of seals, closures and perforations, and the tear strength of sheet materials, the FPT-H1 presents convenience and high throughput. With Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ software for control, data acquisition and analysis, the FPT-H1 is also ideally suited to detailed laboratory testing and extension into other tensile testing.

    Sample sleds are available to comply with the weights and dimensions requirements of all the main test COF standards, with linkages as defined for static and dynamic coefficients of friction and avoidance of stick-slip behaviour.
    ISO 15359 is the paper and board coefficient of friction standard that sets the testing bar highest. By requiring a mechanised set-down and lifting mechanism and guide rails, it seeks to eliminate operator variance, and sled rotation and drift caused by surface variability (inks, embossing and textures). The FPT-H1 has these facilities as an optional built-in feature, with operation fully integrated into the supplied ISO 15359 test program.
    The FPT-H1 can be employed equally for tear and peel testing in packaging situations, including fixturing for 90 and 180 degree and T-peel standard methods, and trouser tear or perforation line testing.
    In launching the FPT-H1, Mecmesin Managing Director John Page stated:
    “Mecmesin understands industry’s need for dedicated yet versatile testers. With the FPT-H1 we have put ease of use and clean design at the forefront. This is a market-leading machine suitable for continuous daily use, but also for finer and more detailed laboratory friction testing.”

    Coefficient of friction can only be measured, not calculated, and is the ratio of the force required to drag two surfaces apart, and the force pressing them together. Industry standards provide methods for repeatable testing of the two coefficients of friction:
    • static friction—the force required to initiate movement between two surfaces
    • kinetic (dynamic) friction—the force required to keep the movement going
    The most frequently used standards for plastic film and sheeting are ISO 8295 and ASTM D1894, and for paper and board TAPPI T 549 and ISO 15359.


  • Multitest-dV Motorised Force Testers

    The MultiTest-dV range comprises three outstanding value, superior, motorised force testers. Designed for precision-controlled compression and tension testing, the dV’s simple controls, backed by sophisticated electronics, make it the ideal choice for a wide range of routine testing.

    Its multifunctional control wheel allows precise setting of speed and position, while its coloured LEDs clearly indicate machine status during testing.

    Test to a target displacement or limit, and using any one of the Mecmesin range of Advanced Force Gauges (AFG), to a load limit or break. For many applications, the MultiTest-dV provides a highly versatile and affordable solution, which will provide consistently reliable performance.

    VectorPro™ Lite data acquisition software
    VectorPro™ Lite software to a MultiTest-dV with AFG, for data acquisition, reporting and exporting, graph plotting, results calculation, and storage of regular test routines.


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