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Mondi Coatings GmbH

Mondi Coatings GmbH

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  • Transport Packaging / Corrugated Case Materials

    •Protection of packaged goods from moisture, grease, odours, aroma, oxygen, gas diffusion, mechanical impacts and migration of substances in box material.
    • Approved for food contact
    • Barrier liner ensure reliable mechanical properties while paper substrate weight and quality can be downgraded.
    • Excellent printability
    • Comprehensive portfolio for custom protection, combining the carrier substrates with a specific protection layer: e.g. LDPE, PET film, nonwovens.


  • Ream Wrapping – Copy Pac®

    Mondi's ream wrapping offers the optimum solution for the efficient protection of office paper in varies sizes:
    • Optimized friction and foldability properties based on close cooperation with major wrapping line manufacturers
    • Reliable protection against moisture and dirt: outstanding barrier properties by using tailored extrusion coating technology
    • Complete product portfolio for cut-size and folio ream wrapping
    • Excellent printability (flexoprinting: up to 8 colours) including UV lacquering


  • Reel Wrapping – CombiPack®

    Mondi offers optimum solutions that protect paper efficiently at every stage of shipping and storage:
    • Excellent moisture barrier maintains right level of moisture inside and protects from outside
    • Outstanding runnability on your packaging lines
    • Optimum mechanical protection against shipping damage and rough handling
    • Select from the entire spectrum of standard and speciality reel wrapping qualities.


  • Dehydrated & Dried Food Packaging

    Dehydrated food, dry food and beverages are everyday staples that require high-performance packaging solutions for maximum consumer convenience. Multilayer packaging materials from Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging provide excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, light and grease. Our packaging solutions are designed to run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines. Paper- and film-based multilayer laminates from Mondi ensure impressive printing results for powerful branding.

    • Excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, light and grease
    • Run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines
    • Impressive printing results for powerful branding


  • Sustainex® - Sustainable packaging solutions

    Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging offers sustainable extrusion-coated and extrusion-laminated packaging materials that use biopolymers based on renewable resources instead of PE. Under the brand name Sustainex we sell versatile biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials featuring excellent sealability, gas and grease barrier, and thermal resistance.

    • Complies to standards for biodegradability EN 13432
    • Excellent gas and grease barrier
    • Superior printability and processing
    • Suited for extrusion coating and extrusion lamination


  • Spiral-wound Cans

    Snacks are ever-popular with consumers. Portability, ease of opening and reclosability have become significant factors in consumers' purchasing decisions. Therefore Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging is committed to finding the most innovative and effective product solutions through our ongoing development process and deep customer understanding. Our protective inner liner barriers combine a wide range of substrates and polymers and are oriented to maximising the shelf life of packaged goods.

    • Superior barrier properties
    • Maximum shelf life
    • High consumer convenience


  • Portion Packs

    As portion packs may be used for a wide range of applications, we offer tailor-made packaging solutions based on the customer's individual needs. We can take advantage of decades of practical experience, rigorous production standards and high-precision manufacturing technology in order to always offer better performing and cost-effective solutions.

    • Strong mechanical properties
    • Optimised brand image
    • Cost-effective


  • Bags

    Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging provides a wide range of bag solutions for foodstuffs such as salt, sugar, poultry, bread and many more. Our broad product range will meet our customers’ requirements for individual, cost-efficient solutions. All our multilayer packaging materials based on paper, laminated with aluminium foil or polymer films, provide perfect barriers against moisture, light and other factors. We work closely with ink suppliers and paper producers to develop, produce and supply cost-effective packaging solutions ensuring excellent printability for optimum image and appearance.

    • Water vapour barrier
    • Grease barrier to prevent staining of the packaging & maintain freshness
    • Mechanical strength
    • Optimum surfaces for flexo-printing
    • Cost-effective


  • Sanocoat® - Antimicrobial Coating

    Certain bacteria are harmful to human beings and can provoke infections and diseases. Bacteria tend to multiply explosively and have a negative effect on hygiene, for example through stains on packaging materials, accelerated product degradation and food contamination. Following intensive research and development work, Mondi Coatings & Consumer Packaging offers an innovative anti-microbial packaging solution under the brand name Sanocoat.

    • Prevention of germ growth
    • Inhibition of mould (Candida albicans)
    • Hygiene maintenance and significant bacteria reduction (E.coli, S.aureus)
    • Odour control
    • Increase in shelf life and product freshness


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