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Tetec AB

Tetec AB

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  • Cargo securing products

    Tetec provides a complete range of cargo securing products.

  • Friction increasing board

    Lanocatch, a tailor-made friction increasing board for all types of goods and ways of tranportation. The product gives a frictional value according to actual regulations of the Swedish Maritime agency and the Swedish Transport agency. The conclusion becomes a safer transport at a low cost. For further information about frictional impacts, please click on the menuitem Business areas/Cargo Securement.

    Lanocatch is easily applied directly on or under the goods and is for example used together with wrapped goods, steel parts, paper products, machinery and so forth. If the friction coefficient is known to be low or will not reach up to actual regulations, Lanocatch can with substantial advantage be used to increase the frictional value. Frictional values for common material combinations and surfaces in the table below are based on the regulations of the Swedish Maritime and Transport agency. The values can be used with the presumptions that both the goods and surfaces are dry and free from ice and snow.


  • Lashing straps

    Complete range of lashing products


  • Complete range of seals

    Protect your cargo carrier against unauthorized access, with theft as a result, by use of high security seals of bolt or wire type. They are fitted for all type of transportation; sea freight, railway and road. Doors on containers, trucks and railroad wagons are fastly sealed and secured with a simple compression of the two parts of the security seal. A permanent closure is assured.

  • Edge protectors

    Edge protectors for different needs


  • Goods protection of corrugated board secures transports

    A full covered program of transport securement products made of corrugated board.


  • Humidity absorber-regulators

    During the transport of merchandise at sea, the thermal shocks between the day and night cause repeated condensation throughout the trip. The latter generate a rate of humidity that is relatively high inside the container, which can cause much damage such as: 
 the development of yeast, mould, and rust stains, and can cause labels to peel off and cartons to collapse. This phenomenon is amplified during loading in hot countries with a destination in Europe.


  • Dunnage bags

    Bates Cargo Pak dunnage bags, the original since 1975, secure expensive cargo.

    Time saving, effective and flexibel. By using dunnage bags from Bates Cargo-Pak you get the optimal and most cost effective solution against defects and damage during transportation. For more information please visit www.tetec.se


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